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[KENNEDY] Sniffing Over

Around lunchtime, Jason gets a phone call from Nick's business line, even though the man hasn't been in the office for some time.

Jason pulls his motorcycle over to the sidewalk, pulling into a loading zone in front of the library and fishes his phone out. He raises his eyebrows at the number. "Hope it's good news," he whispers to himself. Killing the motorcycle engine, he puts the phone to his ear, curiously.

"Jason? Jason Bard?" Well, that's not Nick, but it is a more steady version of his wife. At least, steadier than she was last time Jason saw her. "Are you free for lunch?"

Jason raises his eyebrows up and a car rumbles by in the background. Wuh oh. New voice. Hmmm...how to do this? The phone number wasn't Nick's cell, so... Looking up, Jason flicks a glance around quickly...and manages to reach out and snag the sleeve of a passing girl in a pleated skirt and a knit sweater. She stops swishing her hips down the street as he holds the phone in front of her mouth. He gestures to his throat before mouthing the word 'Yes' and nodding slowly, watching her expectantly. The teenager gives him a very confused look, but tentatively leans toward the phone and answers, "Yes?" while eyeing Jason.

"Ah..." Kennedy sounds confused on the other end of the phone. "Jason?" There's a pause on her end before she starts again, tentatively. "If this is you, come to the office as soon as you can. If it isn't... sorry?"

Jason pulls the phone back to his ear immediately to catch Kennedy's reply, flashing a smile and a thumbs up to the girl in thanks. She smiles tentatively back and starts to walk off, but stops when he plucks at her shirt again, gesturing for her to hold on a moment. His eyes are turned away as he listens to Kennedy, his grin of delight still strong on his face. He nods to the phone and holds it up again while mouthing slowly to the girl "Be right there". The girl actually cracks an amused, yet baffled, smile there and says clearly into the phone, "He says he'll be right there." Jason looks overjoyed as he pulls the phone back to himself.

"Alright, thank you," Kennedy says with a bit of a chuckle of her own. "Tell him the front desk'll be expecting him. And thanks again." She only listens for a moment more before the phone hangs up and she goes back to work.

Jason just nods sagely to the phone and flips it closed with a snap. The girls just giggles and shakes her head...then is caught up in surprise as Jason leans forward to draw her into a tight hug. She pats him hesitantly on the back before he lets her go, flashes her a wink, and revs up his motorcycle in preparation to zoom off to his meeting.

The building does seem ready for him, as the guard at the front lets him in on sight. Although, he pauses the Fianna long enough to tell him to take it easy on the woman he's meeting with, obvious protective streak there. But back in Nick's office, the table has been laid out with a rather plentiful meal. Steak even! Kennedy sits at Nick's desk, though, working her way through some paperwork. The doors stand open, though.

Jason, fortunately, has his Driver's license out and ready in case anyone asks for his name. This one says he's 25. Can't teach an old dog new tricks... At the small lecture from the guard, Jason's eyebrows flick up and he puts on his Listening face. He nods and gives the guard an 'Ok' hand gesture, trying to look as sympathetic and unthreatening as possible as he heads toward the elevator. When he gets up to that main room, Jason balks at the door, mouth dropping open as he eyes the spread. He steps out and looks around for a moment, making sure he didn't wander into a private lunch room or something. Sticking his head back in the open door, he knocks tentatively, eyes on Kennedy. Is this the right room?

Kennedy looks up when he steps in, then out, then knocks. She's looking... better than before. Bruises and cuts on their way to healing up, and even looking less gaunt. Although there's still some work to do there. "Jason?" She sets aside her work, standing up to usher him in. She's still moving stiffly, so whatever wounds she has under her clothes are still going strong. "Come in, sit down."

Jason nods firmly to that, giving her a bemused smile. Apparently this /is/ the right room. He makes his way over to her, more fluidly than she does, and offers a hand out to her. When she suggests he sit, he looks to the table in surprise and gestures to it, asking, There? Really?

"Yeah, I thought I'd say thanks. You hungry?" Kennedy sits down, gesturing for him to do likewise. "A thanks and a bit of a bribe. I have a favor to ask you. Since I hear you're pretty sneaky."

Jason doesn't have to be asked twice. He grins broadly at Kennedy and spread his arms as he dips into a curtsey at her, and zooms into a chair. He has a fork in his hand when she mentions a bribe. He looks up as he serves himself up a big helping of steak, nodding vigorously to the kin. Oh yeah, hella sneaky.

"Good. Because I need someone to sneak back onto Hamilton's property and see if they can find... my car." For whatever reason, it seems /incredibly/ important to the kin. "I know it would probably be better to let the cops find her there and thus have proof of them having taken her or whatnot, but I can't leave her there if she's even... still in one piece."

Jason perks up. That's music to his ears! Even this close to his previous breakin. He does frown at her around a huge mouthful of steak and makes vague hand gestures at her across the table. Giving up finally, he pulls out his notepad and starts to scribble while chewing. It's when he swallows that he tosses the notepad lightly to her. "Make? Model? Color? Where? Keys?"

Kennedy grabs the notepad and looks it over. She stands and crosses over to the desk to grab a copy of her registration, which has all the information about the car, including the license and scribbled down at the bottom of the page is even the VIN. "I don't know where the keys are, but I have a spare here, for emergencies like locking myself out. And as for where... I couldn't even begin to tell you. The cops have been keeping an eye out for it, but they haven't seen it on the street... I know it's sort of a long shot, hoping that she's in one piece and hasn't been sold and stripped for parts... but I /love/ this car. It may sound a little silly, but she's important to me. She was a gift."

Jason keeps eating as she gathers her stuff, and though he glances up in worry when she says she doesn't have the keys, it's washed away when she mentions the spares. "Mmm? Mmm..." And he's back to packing food away with neat eagerness. After finishing half his steak, he stands and wipes his hands. Coming over, he takes the registration first. Then takes Kennedy's hands. He holds them tight, looking soulfully into her eyes. I understand, his nod says. Then he's scratching his head, looking her up and down. How do I ask this...?

When her hands are taken and she's being looked at in that particular manner, Kennedy lifts an eyebrow and gives him a sort of odd look. "Ah... I'm a pretty good lip reader, or I suppose I can give you this back," she says, pulling one hand away to pick up and pass back his notebook.

Jason gives Kennedy a half-grin at that, taking the notepad and tucking it under his arm. He gestures to his nose and then her body, mouthing the words, "I need your scent."

Kennedy eyes him for a moment, then looks down at herself, then back at him again. "Just what does that mean, exactly?" She asks, eyes narrowed just a bit.

Jason winces a little, rubbing his palm over his forehead. Oh yeah, that comment was /bound/ to get a bad response. He pulls out his notepad against, turning so Kennedy can watch while he writes. "It will make it easier to find your car if I know your smell, since you drove it the most. I want simply sniff at you, in lupus." He holds that out to her...then quickly adds. "I promise, no nose-in-crotch."

There is a chuckle for those last words and she eyes him a little. "Just be forewarned, I have a helluva kick." She steps over to close the door, then moves over to sit down again. "Okay. If it'll help."

Jason smiles and gives Kennedy a thumbs up at her warning. He eyes the registration card with a frown of concentration, trying to memorize it...before tucking it away in his pocket. Looking up, he sees she's sitting. Shaking his head, he gestures for her to stand. Then he's shifting. Slowly at first, so as not to seem dangerous. His body broadens, his clothes stretch tight. Hair sprouts out on him and his lips turn into a fanged snarl before his mouth bulges outward. His clothes sprout Crinos fur and slowly disappear. Then he's shrinking, falling onto all fours and shaking out his pelt as he takes the form of a lanky, feral-looking black-with-white-tips wolf.

Kennedy looks a little confused, but she stands up all the same. She doesn't watch him shift, but when he gets to Crinos, she seems to tense up all the same. But, when he gets to lupus, she seems to relax. But, she lets him come to her.

Jason pads forward on quiet paws, his tail held low and head ducked, his eyes up at her. It's the posture of "I'm not threatening" without being submissive. Carefully, he sniffs at her feet. A lot, getting an idea of where she's been. Followed by a quick trail of his nose up her legs, not touching, but briefly bumping the bottom of her skirt as he sends a snort up under that fabric.

Watching him approach, Kennedy seems a little guarded, but mostly accepting. When he starts the sniffing, she squeezes her eyes shut, her fingers curling into fists. Not in a threatening way, but just out of a bit of discomfort. She's still wounded, and she's also wearing a perfume with sandalwood as the main fragrance, but under it all is the scent of the woman herself, and a slight tinge of fear to top it off.

At the whiff of the fear in her scent, Trouble retreats just slightly, offering her big eyes, laid back ears, and a pitiful whine. I'm just a harmless puppy! Slowly, he sniffs up the front of her skirt. As promised, he keeps his nose from touching her crotch. But he certainly lingers. Hmmm, how well have she and Nick been getting along lately, he wonders...?

Just then Kennedy's phone goes off with a buzz. Text message!

From afar, Lopot | I <3 you, how are you doing? Need anything? Coffee? Food?

Quite well! As it turns out. "Hey hey hey," Kennedy says, brushing him away from the lingering, "Don't think I don't know what you're doing." If she relaxes at all, it's fractional, and when her phone goes off, she pulls it out of her pocket. Oh, there's the relaxation. Hey, and a smile! And she texts back, of course.

Trouble snorts and shakes his head out as she brushes him away, though the chiding earns a brief wag of his tail. Heh, found out. While she's distracted, the sneaky ragabash circles around and gives her butt the same treatment. Has she been getting her fiber?

Long distance to Lopot: Kenny | Love you, too. Doing some work and talking to Jason about my car. And there's lunch. I'm bribing him. But I want some cuddles later.
From afar, Lopot | Cuddles can do! And massages. I miss you <3 Soup kitchen, not as fun when you're back! :)

"Hey!" Kennedy steps away from him and turns to face him, her hands going to her hips. She's not terribly unhealthy at present, but malnutrition is a factor. And it seems there was some electrocution in her recent past. Poor thing. "Will you play nice. Geez." Her attention moves back to her phone, though, as another text comes through.

Long distance to Lopot: Kenny | Easy on those massages until my ribs feel better. ;-; I miss you, too. How much longer are you there?

Trouble's ears, which were rising, lay back again and he lets out an unashamed whimper at Kennedy's chastising. He edges forward, trying to nose at her hand on her hip, eyes up on her. Partially as a source of comfort...and hey! New smells!

Paperwoooork. And ink. And some traces of the food she's been eating. At least she's trying to fix that malnutrition issue. Kennedy sighs a little and lets him continue this time without so much as shaking a finger.

Trouble presses a wet nose against Kennedy's palm after he's taken all those scents, giving her a comforting (to him) lick before pulling away. His nose strays as far up her body as he can...but it's not high enough. The Ragabash hefts up onto his hindlegs, wobbles a moment...and does a miraculous job of staying upright as he leans in tentatively to sniff around Kennedy's neck and face. Does she need a mint?

Lopot pages: Another two hours. But then I can come home and give you cuddles! And I can eat lunch because I'm starving and I feel bad eating the hobo food.

Whether the lick is comforting or not, it's hard to tell, but she doesn't wipe it off, so that's something. When he lifts up, she reaches out to grab onto his front legs, supporting him as he sniffs her over. She had a muffin for breakfast. Cinnamon. And a salad. None of that steak's been had by her just yet, but there has been milk! Her phone rings again, but there's a bit of a delay before she lets him go and checks her phone again.

Long distance to Lopot: Kenny | Two hours and counting. I love you. I'll have something ready for you when you get home.

Trouble lets his tongue loll out in a silly-looking lupine smile when she helps steady him, and it takes a sincere effort not to lick her face. He even licks his chops a little, to get the urge down. His tail is wagging now, and Kennedy can definitely see the playfulness that dogs have inherited, in this Fianna. He leans in, sniffing heavily at her breath. Fortunately, he's done when her phone rings, and he suddenly snaps back to human while pulling away. He gives her hands a squeeze before stepping back and giving her an elegant bow.

From afar, Lopot | <3 Don't bother yourself love, we can order pizza or something. Or chinese! Mmm...chinese...

Kennedy gives that goofy smile a crooked one of her own, and when he snaps to homid, she looks at him for a moment before she nods to him. "Thank you. I really appreciate this, Jason. Be careful out there, okay?" Her phone goes off again, and she gives him a bit of an apologetic smile. "It's Nick," she says, to explain.

Long distance to Lopot: Kenny | You sure? I can make something. You know, once I make it upstairs.
From afar, Lopot | Be careful... :( And I really just want to hold you and not do dishes and you're not *allowed* to do dishes, esp. Not after cooking, so take out is good. :P
Long distance to Lopot: Kenny | I will be. I just... don't think I can get in the elevator alone. Maybe I'll wait for you. You could sing to me again?
From afar, Lopot | *hugs* I will gladly sing to you again. You okay being stuck on one floor for two hours?
Long distance to Lopot: Kenny | And then we could eat up under the tree? And baby, there's plenty of work to do here, I can fill two hours easy.
From afar, Lopot | :D That sounds good. It's a date! <3
Long distance to Lopot: Kenny | Oo, a date. Hopefully, I'll be getting lucky later. ;D
From afar, Lopot | ;D *browwaggle* You bet you're getting lucky later. giggity.
Long distance to Lopot: Kenny | Am I allowed to send you dirty texts while you're doing community service? Because I've got a few ideas...
From afar, Lopot | <.< >.> <.< I'm listening...
Long distance to Lopot: Kenny | I was thinking of starting the nibbling at your toes and take it all the way up to your neck. Provided I don't get sidetracked along the way. }:)
From afar, Lopot | omai <3! Your ideas!

Jason fires a quick salute and a knowing smile to Kennedy as he backs towards the door...but takes a detour to the table. Taking a seat, he decides that the searching can wait for a bit. Gotta get your energy up before a big mission! He's not eavesdropping, no not at all... >_>

Long distance to Lopot: Kenny | I have better ones. But I think you'll have to wait until after dinner to find them out.

Kennedy eyes him a little, but doesn't seem to mind him hanging out. But she doesn't stop to eat, she moves back to her desk to go back to working. And dirty text messages.

From afar, Lopot | Such a tease <3 plz to have time machine, make the two hours go
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