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[KENNEDY] Shock and Awww

It's getting on into the obscenely late hours of the night, but regardless, David's phone rings. Looks like Urick's phone.

Obscenely late hours mean you don't get to the phone in a timely manner. David's phone rings and goes to voicemail, and it's halfway through the greeting when Urick's phone gets a call from David. "Tell me something good," David sighs, sounding put out but just a /little/ hopeful.

"David?" That's... not a voice he should be hearing just now, as she's been pronounced dead, but there it is, very clearly Kennedy, if a shaky, tired version of her. "Don't freak out..."

There's no sound from David's end of the phone for a moment. A loooong moment. It doesn't even sound like he's breathing. "...well, thats a bit of a tall order." The lawyer's voice is tight and strained from the effort of holding back a premature exultation of joy. "Kennedy? Is that you??"

Kennedy lets out a soft, but relieved sounding laugh on the other end when he finally speaks. "It's me. I'm not... you know. I mean, I'm still alive. Provided this is real and I'm not actually still strapped to a table in a basement... I'm coming over. I just... um. Want to talk a little before we go see Nick? Unless he's there, in which case I guess we won't."

[First Watch] David | From David's end of the link, there's a sudden burst of the most emotion Nicholas has ever felt from the man: A rapturous mix of exultation and disbelief.
[First Watch] Nicholas blinks, curious though still subdued as usual lately. "David?"
[First Watch] David doesn't respond at first, that joy and disbelief warring...
[First Watch] Nicholas seems pretty curious there, but is content to let David take his time explaining. Goes back to being quietly (re: morosely) contemplative.

David pauses again. "...I think I may have to see you in person to truly believe this. I take it you're with Urick? Please, come over right away. My goodness, that raid went better than expected..."

[First Watch] David says, "...did you know that Paula Abdul is coming back to host American Idol next season? :D"
[First Watch] Nicholas ...eyes.
[First Watch] David :D
[First Watch] Nicholas says, "Should I be surprised you watch American Idol? No, no I should not."
[First Watch] David says, "It's a wonderful collection of homegrown American talent. And their voices aren't bad either."
[First Watch] Nicholas says, "I...beg to differ. Emily subjected me to an episode once. It's a wonder my ear drums are still in tact."

"I'm with Urick, yeah. And the kin. And this Fianna I haven't met before. But yeah, I'm having them drop me off." Kennedy pauses for a moment before she adds, "Can I borrow some clothes?"

[First Watch] Nicholas says, "Now...pardon me, friend. I'm hoping I might still be able to sleep a bit."
[First Watch] Nicholas closes his side.
[First Watch] David says, "Good night. *closes his side as well*"

"My dear, I would give you my whole wardrobe right now, and anything else you could possible ask for," David enthuses, that disbelief starting to wane, "Are you in a proper state? Or should I warn the hotel staff so they won't be too shocked?"

This time, there's a pause from Kennedy's side, although a few telling sniffs give away the reason for the pause. She clears her throat a bit before she's able to answer him. "You might want to warn them," she says, sounding subdued, "I've looked better."

"Oh dear." Worry is thick in David's voice, but he controls it. That sounds worse than her words say. "I'll meet you down there myself."

"Okay. We'll be there soon." Kennedy doesn't hang up, though, not right away. "You'll be downstairs? I'll have the guys drop me off. We're in a van." There's another pause. "It's good to hear your voice, David," she says, the rush of emotion clear in her words."

"I'll be there with bells on." Kennedy's comment gets a weak laugh from David. "Oh Kennedy...you have no idea how glad and utterly surprised I am to hear yours."

"I'm just... I'll be there soon." Kennedy doesn't seem able to keep that emotion under control, as he can hear the sob in her voice before she abruptly hangs up the phone. Luckily, it isn't too much longer before the van pulls up, the boys inside not letting her go off alone just yet, but they all seem to be watching for David.

David hasn't delegated to some bellboy. It's actually him standing there, dressed in a long coat and having gone without his suit jacket. He's managed to acquire a wheelchair, and draped over it is his fluffiest robe as well as some sandals perched on top. He looks to be fidgeting nervously, fingers drumming on the handles of the wheelchair. When that van swings up, his eyes widen and he starts towards it, wheelchair and all.

The doors open and Kennedy gets out, after giving thanks and hugs to the group inside, but it seems like out to David is where she'd rather be just now. When she steps out, it's clear there are injuries hidden by the roomy, nondescript clothes she has on just by the way she moves, but there are also those that show on her face. Bruises, split lip, black eye. Wherever she's been, it hasn't been good. And worse than that, it looks like she just might start crying.

Emotion wars on David's face when he sees her in that state, looking to the men in the car for explanation. But he doesn't wait for one, and when Kennedy steps out, he snatches up that robe and drops it about her like a shawl. And then, he's pulling her gently into a hug, pressing a happy, relieved kiss to her forehead. "Oh, thank you, God," he whispers, his voice cracking, "Thank you, Gaia. Oh, we are so blessed..."

Kennedy really does start to cry when he hugs her, and she leans in against him, her hands hanging onto the front of his coat. And the kiss only seems to drive her tears on all the more. But after a few moments, she looks up at him, worry and pain in that face, "Is this real? I don't think I can take it if they're messing with me again. David..."

David looks back down at Kennedy with the most genuine smile she can remember on his face, since her wedding day. He takes her cheeks in his hands, taking her in. "My god, you're really here. Yes, yes this is real." No sarcasm this time, simply quiet truths. And he gives her another happy kiss before taking her by the hands and leading her to the wheelchair. "Come come, let's come upstairs. I'll call a medic and have them look at you. My god, where have you been, Kennedy?"

There's a little wince when he touches her cheeks, but Kennedy lifts her hands to cover his before he can pull them away. "I'm really here. And you're really here. I can't believe it." She shakes her head a bit before she looks over at that wheelchair. For a moment, it looks like she might protest, but there doesn't seem to be much fight left in her and she moves to sit down. A flash of angered darkness comes over her at that question, but she does her best to wash it back again. "No where I'd like to go back to."

"Fair enough," is David's only response as he helps her into that wheelchair. The Shadow Lord personally wheels her urgently into the hotel, the sight of her drawing many looks of surprise from the guests, and even more of the staff. That's not something David Green usually does. An elevator clears out for them, and he parking her in there before pressing the 13th floor button. The doors slide shut behind them, and they're alone.

Kennedy does her best to hide the effects of her beatings, but manages to do so with a subtle casualness that implies lots of practice with such things. She also seems to be keeping her gaze on her lap for the moment. Once those doors close and they're alone, Kennedy doesn't seem able to sit on her burning question a moment longer. "Is he a spiral?" She asks in a low, concerned voice. "Did he dance, David?"

"No." David doesn't even have to ask who she's talking about. As they start up the building at that humming pace, he eyes her for a moment, looking concerned at that expertise. After a moment, he adds, "He has done many other /very/ stupid things in the meantime. Trying to storm Hamilton with only Mr. Blake as backup, armed to the teeth and going in through the front door. /That/ was problematic." He actually manages a chuckle there.

His answer gets a sigh of relief from the kin and she brings a hand up to touch her face. "Good. Okay. Okay. He did what?" Kennedy turns to look up at him as he adds more to his answer, her brow furrowing. "They didn't hurt him, did they?"

"No. Fortunately, he was stopped before he got in the door. And was even saved from going to trial." David looks to Kennedy again, and an expression of intense confusion comes over him. "But the reason he went off was he saw you--" Then the doors open, and there's a couple standing just outside. David winces but nods politely at them. "Excuse me..." And he wheels Kennedy out into the hallway, turning quickly towards his room.

"Good. Fucking bastards want to turn him, David. They were so sure he'd turn," Kennedy says, turning back to face forward, slumping in that chair. When the doors open, she lets out a sigh and stays quiet as they wheel along toward his room. When they reach the door, though, she mentions in a quiet voice. "I know what he saw. I know. They told me. They were very into gloating."

"Good God..." David's voice is quiet, his words tight and distressed as this news comes. And as the pieces start to fall into place. "So the Kennedy...the woman who he watched get shot in the park?" he prods, pulling out his keycard to unlock his door. He turns around backwards, carefully wheeling her inside.

"It wasn't even a woman!" Kennedy blurts out in annoyance, offence and a touch of despair. Once they're inside, she looks at him, her expression sticking on the angry side. "It was some sort of... shapeshifter. He came in, he checked me out some, then he sort of... /morphed/ right in front of me. And they said the next day that Nick thought I died right there in front of him."

From down the hall, a couple glances in their direction in bafflement before David pulls her all the way in and his door locks behind him. David lingers with her right in the entryway, stairing down with a huge, unreadable frown on his face. "This is certainly troubling news." An understatement. "One last thing before I wheel you to the bathroom. Who are 'they'?"

"I don't... know." Kennedy curls forward, but instantly regrets it as she sits right back up straight. "I don't know. There were doctors and guards and spirals and this woman. /Maria/. I don't know who they were."

"Hm." David's noise is that of annoyance, and the quiet plotting of someone's destruction. "They found you in Hamilton's basement, I presume. This is certainly big news... Well. Let's get you cleaned up, my dear. Nicholas is in quite the funk, and I think the sight of you happy and well-rested is just what he needs." And with that, David wheels her towards that decked-out bathroom and the gigantic jacuzzi tub within.

"He's been bad off," Kennedy states it more than she asks, but when he wheels her to the bathroom, the woman presses fingers to the dried blood on her lip, frowning gently. "I'll do what I can about clean. I don't think well rested's going to happen for a long while."

(OOC) David: David pampers Kennedy. He doesn't leer at her or make a suggested comment once, even as he helps her out of her clothes and runs a bath for her.
(OOC) Kennedy <3 <3
(OOC) David: He gets a medic up to the hotel room, has her checked out and maybe bandaged in a few places. He helps her clean any place she's too sore to reach. And he helps her dress in pajamas for bed.
(OOC) David: And even takes the couch for himself. :O
(OOC) Nicholas: Aha, coming to see Nick in the morning?
(OOC) David: Oh, and he gets her heavy-duty sleeping pills. XD
(OOC) David: I'd imagine so, yes.
(OOC) Nicholas adjusts pose then. Hm.
(OOC) Kennedy: He gets first view of the battered version of Kennedy. ;_; And, Kennedy would probably ask that the medic take photos and make things all official, in case a case has to be formed, things like that.
(OOC) David: XD I'm sure that can be arranged, with the photos.
(OOC) David: And may I reiterate? No leering or groping! Gasp!!

As soon as Kennedy is awake and able and ready, it's off to find Nicholas, who, even at this hour, is continuing to throw himself into his duties to avoid coherent thought. Already at the soup kitchen, he's getting things set up for the day, already familiar with the routine. Presently the Walker is in the kitchen openly visible beyond the counter, roughly chopping carrots. He's wearing a plain long-sleeve shirt and pants in somber colors--but not black! Honoring the dead, it seems. And, well, an apron is on his frame too, and those plastic gloves. His hair's still a ruffled mess, 5'o'clock shadow on his jaw, and he looks quite melancholy. Another of those times where he's either thinking too much, or not thinking anything at all, by the far and away distant look in his eyes. Chop, chop, chop, Nicholas. Blissful distraction.

David's Jaguar pulls up outside the soup kitchen, the Shadow Lord flicks its purr into silence with a twist of his wrist. He's been smiling more and more as they got closer to the kitchen and, presently, he turns that smile to Kennedy, in the passenger seat. "If you don't mind, I'll linger back a bit. Just enough to stay out of the way while I watch."

Kennedy eyes the soup kitchen as they pull up, and she sits there nervously in her seat for a few moments before she looks over at David. "Sure. Just if he reacts... badly, come in? I'm not at all sure I'm going to handle this the right way." She looks back to the kitchen, stalls a bit, fidgets, sighs, and so forth before she decides to go. But first, she leans over to press a kiss to David's cheek, affectionate and grateful. "Thanks for taking care of me." And with that, she slips out of the car and heads for the front door. She doesn't exactly fit in with the rest of the clientele, but she slides over toward the kitchen where Nicholas chops away. Her knuckles rap on the doorway, just loud enough to get his attention.

Chop, chop, chop. Nicholas uses his gloved hand to carefully scrape the carrots into a nearby pot of water. It seems, at first, that he didn't hear the knuckle-rap, as he lifts the pot up and turns to take it towards the stove. But then, he's a little paranoid lately, and catching sight of someone standing there in his peripheral vision is unnerving. His head snaps in her direction, almost immediately on the defensive, when he stalls completely. He stares at her, emotions sifting through his eyes one by one: confusion, disbelief, unimaginable hurt and grief. The pot drops from his hands back to the counter with a clatter and a slosh, and he takes a deep breath, looking away from her again and pressing a hand to his face, brows pinched and face pale. He looks...quite haunted. "Looks like I'm going home early today," he mutters under his breath, though it's clear he's having trouble keeping the emotion out of his expression, his voice. Apparently dismissing her as a geist, he turns his back to her entirely, pulling off the gloves and untying his apron in the back.

"I doubt there's a single thing you could say that wouldn't make this a wonderful moment for him," David predicts. As with so many times, he accepts the kiss to his cheek graciously, only this one doesn't come with a suggestive remark. When she slides out of the car, David exits as well, locking the car behind her and following at a distance. Inside the soup kitchen, he lingers a good few meters away from her, smiling quite smugly as he watches Nick's reaction to her presence. When he turns away from her, the Shadow Lord audibly stifles a chuckle.

"Nick," Kennedy says, having to swallow back emotion of her own. She seems uncertain as to just what to do, and glances back at David. For moral support. "Nick," she repeats, slowly stepping toward him as he turns his back to her, her hand reaching for his arm and feeling so very real. "Please turn around..."

/That/ gets his attention. Nicholas whips around, stumbling back a step into one of the islands into the kitchen. His hands grip the edge, staring at her, heart hammering. "You're d-dead," he croaks, grief welling up again in his eyes, along with fear. One thing's for sure: there's no hope there. He holds up a staying hand as he tries to look away and can't. "I can't...handle this. Please, I...I can't. I'm sorry." Poor guy. He really looks like he /can't/ handle a visiting ghost. Thankfully, Kennedy is not one of these.

When she looks back at David, he's holding a hand over his grinning mouth, the other wrapped over his chest. He nods at her and motions for her to turn around, stepping up to the doorway behind her as she slowly approaches Nick. A few of the employees in the kitchen are giving Nick a bizarre look. What's this woman done to get him so spooked?

Kennedy looks pained at his reaction, and she pulls her hand back, not crowding him any further. But she's not taking a step back, either. "I know what you think you saw, Nick. But please understand that it wasn't what you think. This is me," she says, hesitantly offering her hand out toward him. This version of Kennedy doesn't seem to be doing to well. Sore muscles make her movements stiff, her tender ribs keep her from turning or bending, and the wounds to her face just aren't far enough along to have make up cover them effectively. Not to mention, she's looking gaunt. "This is me."

Nicholas stares at her for a very long moment, breath seeming caught in his throat. And finally, there's a glimmer of disbelief and a glimmer of hope. "...Kennedy?" he whispers. Slowly his hand reaches forward, hesitates, then carefully touches hers. Then he grips her hand, and then he's suddenly got his arms around her, head buried in her hair, holding her protectively against him. "Kennedy, oh, god, Kennedy, my Kennedy, you're alive! I thought...oh god, you're alive!" His hands run compulsively through her hair and where that bullet wound was, leaning back just enough to press a desperate, relieved series of kisses to her lips.

David gives a quiet laugh and a slow, quiet applause as he leans against the doorjam, marveling in the sight of them reunited.

At his whisper, Kennedy smiles gently, but she doesn't rush him, letting him make his approach at his own speed. Of course, when he takes her hand, she grips him right back. And while there's a wince as he pulls her in, she's not letting a little thing like pain stop her from enjoying this moment. That spot on her head seems to be one of the places she /hasn't/ been hit this week, ironically enough. "I am. And I made it back to you," she says, tears falling down her cheeks as she leans in to return those kisses. "I love you, Nick."

Nicholas wraps her up again, relieved tears streaking down his face as he holds her. "Kennedy, you made it back," he whispers. "Oh god I love you too, Kennedy. So fucking much!" Pulling back, he quickly rubs his face before taking in her state. And that's when his jaw drops a little and a look of pure concern comes into his eyes. But before anything logical like 'what happened' or 'who did this' comes out of his mouth, he blurts, "You need some cake in you, woman." Then he blinks and looks back towards the manager's office for a moment, then looks back at her. "Can I buy you breakfast, love?"

Kennedy lifts her hands to help wipe those tears off his face. Nevermind hers. And she might kiss him a few more times. But when he mentions cake, she leans back and lifts an eyebrow at him. "/Cake/? God, Nick," she says, but a soft laugh follows, those words seeming to make her cry more for whatever reason. "David made me eat a bagel. And after a week with no real meals to speak off, it feels like I stuffed myself silly. But coffee? Or can I help here, if you have to be here? I just don't want to leave your side."

"Okay, starting small then. Coffee! I can do coffee. Come with me." Grasping her hand--no, scratch that. Wrapping an arm around her waist, he guides her over to the manager's office and pokes his head in, explaining an unexpected situation arouse and he'd be back to complete more hours soon. And no the two he's already spent here don't need to be signed off on, he'll make them up. This seems to suit the manager just fine, and Nick turns to her with an elated smile, unable to resist touching her face (gently). "You're alive. Kenny, you're... Let's go get that coffee, huh? Then we can go get you a dip in the springs?" He gives her a hopeful look. Please say he can help heal you!

There certainly isn't an argument about going with him, and she stays fairly well attached to him as he talks to the manager, although careful about hiding the more obvious facial bruises. "I am. I'm alive and I'm here and you're here and I never thought I'd see you again... but I thought about you. I never stopped thinking about you. And I'll go anywhere you want me to, baby, so long as you're there, too."

"God, I never stopped thinking about you, Kenny," Nicholas replies in a wash of emotion. "I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat...but you're back now! And frankly, I don't know that I could take a piece of cake either. And you and I? We don't have to leave each other's sides." He presses a kiss to her lips, then dips down and lifts her up into his arms, cradling her to him as he steps out of the kitchen. As light-hearted as he sounds, his hold on her is fiercely protective. He doesn't even /notice/ David on his way out, as he's busy looking down at her. Within minutes, they're settled back into the Prius and Nick leans over to kiss her again, hand cupping her face. "God, I can't believe you're alive," he grins, still looking a little stunned.

When he lifts her up, there's a little cry of pain for the sudden shift. But she gives him a grateful look as her arms move around his neck. "Don't leave me. I don't want to be alone again," she says as she buries her face into his neck to hide a rush of emotion. Emotions bottled up for the majority of the week. And when they're in the car, she leans over to accept those kisses, nuzzling into this hand. "I'm so sorry for all of this, Nick. I tried to get to you, but they just... I didn't get the upperhand. And... as much as I would like the caern waters right now... do you think I should leave myself this way? For evidence or something?"

Nicholas's jaw tightens and he looks /wounded/ for a moment at her cry of pain (no! my Kennedy is hurting!!), leading him to hold her even more protectively. And more gently, at least. "You will never be alone again," he whispers fiercely. "It's okay, love. I tried to get to you--hell, everyone tried to get to you--but they're fucking snakes. And that's an insult to snakes." At her latter mention, his face falls. "...Maybe," he says uncertainly, though he vehemently hates it. "Let's get coffee, and we can talk about it. I...haven't actually had any since you...died. So I could probably use some." He presses a few more kisses to her again, then starts the car, reversing out of the parking lot.

Kennedy lifts a hand to pet his cheek, her touch soft as he speaks. "Once we get the reports done and all that, we can go out there. I don't even know what I'd say to the police in anycase." She lets out a sigh, and while her hand touches him, her head turns to look out the window, a haunted expression coming over her. It lasts until they're out of the parking lot, then Kennedy takes in a breath and looks over at him. "Coffee. Please."

Nicholas looks over at her as she looks out the window, unable to hide his concern, but he doesn't press it. He just reaches over and takes her hand. "Coffee it is, love, right away!" And off they go.
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