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[KENNEDY] Catfight

The lights snap on glaringly from the darkness, perhaps catching Kennedy in the act of nodding off. Maybe the guard had left her alone just long enough to let her slip off. However it is, when she opens her eyes to the world around, she's greeted by the sight of Maria, standing before her with a couple articles of clothing draped over her arm. The woman as seems to be her style is dressed smartly as ever, hair in a bun. Short of having the glasses, she could be mistaken for any businesswoman. Or a librarian. Behind her is a different guard in uniform, this guy particularly large and muscular in build with a mean look to complete his ensemble. He's the one who turned on the lights. "Hello again, Kennedy," says Maria crisply. "Sleep well?"

"Oh, mother /fuck/," Kennedy groans as the lights go on and it takes her a moment to be able to actually keep her eyes open. "Oh. It's you. And you brought a friend. How nice." She doesn't respond to that question, she just tugs at her restraints again, hissing as raw skin is rubbed a little more. And yet, she hasn't actually stopped trying to pull her arms free. Silly girl. "So, what're we doing today? Mani-pedis?"

Maria utters a quiet 'hm' at the state of Kennedy. The guard doesn't seem to have any input. The woman gestures to him, indicating with a flick of her free hand to Kennedy's restraints. The guard moves as silently bid, first undoing the shackles on her ankles. Maria watches on, acting as the observer the whole time. Should she try to fight, though, it's pretty obvious how she could be overpowered in her weak state.

Kennedy looks over at the guard as he moves closer, wary. But when he lets her ankles go, she lets out a sigh of relief, rolling those ankles gently. It's clear that she's /thinking/ about fighting, but no move is made just yet. Perhaps it's the presence of the big guy.

If that weren't a temptation, then there is perhaps more as Maria moves over to hand the guard the pair of sweatpants she's got. So he has to rip off the ragged clothing she's currently adorned with... but he's only doing so, it seems, to replace it with this clean pair of pants. Then the guard looks back to Maria, who nods further. The guard turns back to Kennedy, and undoes the left wrist strap, releasing her aching arm. He moves to undo the right one as well, again simply going about business as usual.

There's a bit of a growl as her clothes are ripped off, and the snarl sticks around even as he puts those pants on her. When her arms are freed, too, she rubs at her wrists and works her arms a little to work out the kinks of being in the same position for so long. For a moment, it looks like she's going to stay well behaved, but the moment passes rather swiftly as she puts her skills to the test and shoves her elbow up into the man's head. Just like Rommy taught her. <3

It's a testament to the training that the Kin has had, as her elbow strike hits the guard hard enough in the face that he doesn't see coming. Her elbow hits his nose, and the force of the blow jerks his head back. Something crunches inside; probably the cartilage. The guard stumbles back, but it's not enough to stun him. In fact, it's enough to enrage him. His head snaps forward and he gives Kennedy a fearsome stare - one that she's probably seen a few times before - as within the blink of an eye the guard is no longer just a regular guard, but a hulking, oily slick-furred Crinos that roars at her with such volume as to be deafening in the smaller room. Maria scrambles back, forced against the door. The 'guard' swipes a hand - claws catch some, but there's hardly enough room to give him full strength and range to his blow. Still, they catch against her ribcage. It's more the force than the claws that do the damage, as she's knocked down. "Stop!" Maria yells out, though it's not quick enough to keep that counter strike from happening.

"Oh, what the fuck," Kennedy says, probably meant to be directed at Maria, but she can't take her eyes away from the crinos. While under normal circumstances, she might be able to take that roar and stick her tongue out at him, she's not exactly at one hundred percent just now and cringes back with a bit of a whimper. And when she falls after that blow, her hand moves to cover her torso as best she can, and looks up at him again, not heeding Maria's call as she flashes out her foot, aiming a sharp kick at his kneecap. Ah, desperation.

The Spiral Dancer snarls as if to drive home the whimper. The kick at his kneecap, though, does nothing against the muscled, thick trunk of a leg. Doesn't even make him move much. With the same clawed hand that knocked her down, he grabs her up by the head and hair, yanking the woman forcibly to her feet. "I SAID STOP!" Maria calls out again, sharply. And this time, it's accompanied with a brain-rattling psychic force. Mind blast! It directs at both crinos and kin, piercingly painful on an innate mental level.

Kennedy manages not to cry out as he grabs her up, but tears eke out of the corners of her eyes. And also, she kicks him a lot more as she's brought to her feet, aiming mostly for the crotch this time. But, when that psychic blast hits her, she cringes again and does, in fact, stop. "Nice to know there's a dog walker around here," she says through a clenched jaw. "Nice, isn't it, Fluffy?"

With the claws of the Black Spiral Dancer pricking at her skull and neck, it's likely not the most intelligent of acts to continue goading the crinos. Maria raises a hand to her temple as if struck with a headache that she definitely does not welcome. "Let her go," Maria commands of the crinos. An irritated growl shakes from the Dancer, and he lets Kennedy go - by throwing her up against the wall like a ragdoll. "I advise you not to continue your struggle," Maria says after a beat. "Wouldn't want to give Nicholas an actual truth to your death, now, would you?" The woman is eyeing the crinos though.

This time, there is a cry as she hits the wall and crumbles to the ground, and Kennedy looks up at the Crinos with a snarl of her own. "You shouldn't let him off the leash so much, Maria." Oh, the antagonism continues. Right up until those last words sink in. Her gaze flicks over to Maria, murderous and inching toward enraged herself. "What?"

Eventually, Maria steps around from the crinos into better view. With a sharp look at the werewolf, she eyes him expectantly. The crinos growls again, teeth bared at Kennedy, before he shifts down; just not all the way, but into a neanderthal-like (were it not for the uniform enlarged upon his being) Glabro with even meatier fists than his human shape. Maria seems to be vaguely satisfied, though not entirely. Her gaze then returns to Kennedy. "Oh, didn't you hear? One 'Kennedy Grey' was brutally murdered last night before the eyes of her husband. She had escaped from her kidnappers and was returning to her home... when she was shot. The wound was fatal, and she was declared dead on the scene." Sagely nodding, Maria reports the 'news' with a mockingly eulogizing air.

It seems she hadn't heard. But she's certainly hearing now. The garou in the room seems to have been forgotten as Kennedy fixes that stare on Maria. And then, with a scream of someone who's been pushed past her limits, Kennedy charges at Maria, aiming to tackle her right to the floor to lay a few punches on the other woman's face. As many as she can get in.

Maria seems to have been expecting something different, but the scream is a definite alarm. She backs up quickly, but not really quickly enough and subsequently is taken down to the floor. Kennedy's fists lay into her a few times, and Maria struggles back by pushing her hands against the kin's twisted face. The guard seems briefly content to witness the fight going on. Titillated, even.

Kennedy seems undeterred by the push back against her, her fists hitting the other woman viciously, uncontrolled in that expression of rage. Must be that supernatural bloodline. Eventually, though, her hands move to wrap around Maria's throat, gripping and attempting to crush her back against the ground. "Sick. Twisted. /Bitch/," Kennedy growls out to the woman. "Fucking. /Twisted/ /bitch/!"

When Kennedy's hands go to Maria's throat, the woman grasps at those raw-skinned wrists in the attempt to free herself from the enraged kin. She's not much able to breathe at the moment, and thus has no reply, snarky or otherwise, to answer the other. Bucking underneath Kennedy, she fights back but not quite with enough strength to push the kin off. With wide, staring eyes and gritted teeth, Maria is just in it to stay alive. But at some point, when it looks like she's not going to win this one, Maria twists her head as far as she can to find the guard. With desperation, she stares at him, mouth open and fighting for air. It seems the stare lurches the guard out of his perverse spectatorship and he trundles forward. Thick hands and arms wrap around Kennedy, pulling at her with strength to extract the kin from her straddle position atop Maria.

It's good timing, too, as Kennedy lifts Maria's head off the floor to slam it down into the ground, rage far from being spent. And when the guard pulls her off, Kennedy's hands still reach for Maria, clawing and hitting and grabbing as she goes. And, of course, there's the flailing against the guard, kicking and elbowing and whatever else she can manage to try to break free. And all with a shout or a growl or a promise to finish the killing later. (Once I get my hands on you... and so forth.)

Against the hard floor there's not much contest. Maria gets knocked a good one before the guard manages to fully pry Kennedy from her, and the woman lies there dazedly as the fight turns to the guard again. The Glabro holds Kennedy with an iron grip, though, her arms getting locked up and soon Kennedy too is turned away from the woman on the floor, pushed against the wall and kept sandwiched there between the unforgiving concrete and the guard. Slowly, Maria recovers from the battering and pushes herself up to a shaky stand. Temporarily, she still has to wait for her world to straighten up before she can do anything.

Kennedy grunts as she's pressed against the wall, but it doesn't stop her yelling for long. "Get the fuck off me, you bastard!" She even tries to slam her foot down onto his to get him to comply. "Let me /go/!" The fury in that voice is quite telling of the fact that she intends to finish what she started.

This time, Maria does not tell the guard to stop what he's doing or to let the woman go. She recovers from her ordeal enough to send a glare at the commotion going on by the wall. An inspection shows that there is blood drawn from the cuts she received, and likely bruising to occur later. That definitely ticks off Maria. She pulls the pin from her mussed hair, straightens her clothing up and generally attempts to recover some degree of presentable while Kennedy fights against the guard. The Spiral continues to press Kennedy forcibly against the wall. The stomp of her foot against his boot isn't helping her case by much, but it does get him to shift his own leg positioning a little. Using one trunk of a leg, he pins her lower half a little more up against that wall. She's not going to be going anywhere, for sure. Once Maria has gotten as back to normal as possible, she speaks to the guard, "Restraints. Now." There's no containing the annoyance in her tone, either. With a grunt, the guard is slow to comply. He just might be enjoying Kennedy's fight against him a bit much.

That fight continues, even as she's restrained further, the woman unable to admit defeat, it seems. When Maria delivers her orders, Kennedy laughs a bit manically, "It's okay to be scared, Maria. Do you want me to give you a hug?" Noticing that the Spiral isn't actually moving, Kennedy turns her head to look back at him, her brow furrowing. "You're a sick fuck, too, by the way."

"You've just set yourself back quite a ways," Maria grits back with a touch to her sore throat, anger tinting the tone. Her attention turns to the guard, however, and she speaks again more forcefully, "NOW." The guard sneers at the kin. He certainly understands her tone, but isn't put off by the insult. Encouraged, even. He does obey the order after the second time, though, and pulls Kennedy away from the wall just to bodily carry her towards the upright rack that she had been freed from earlier. Now here's the tricky part. He releases all but his grip on her one left arm, leaving much of her limbs free to move, except that one. And it's the one that he holds that he starts to force back into the straps.

"Oh, like I give a fuck, Maria. Seriously, check and see if I even give a damn." Kennedy goes along with the guard, since she has little choice, but when her right arm is freed, she turns just enough to try to slam the heel of her hand upward at his nose. Nope, she's not giving up just yet.

He isn't falling for that one twice. The guard turns his head so that he gets a faceful of hand to his cheek rather than against his nose. The appendage, as well, seems to have healed since that prior blow. With her left wrist strapped back into the restraint, his next order of business is not so much to get her next limb into the strap, but to hit back. Kennedy gets punched hard, ears boxed by the glabro's thick fists. Maria maintains a silent, simmering observance for the moment.

Kennedy sinks toward the ground with that punch, her head shaking to try to clear the daze. "You hit... like a girl," she mutters out, tilting her head to look up at the spiral. "Don't worry... I'm sure there's a girl out there... who finds that sexy. Maybe Maria, huh? She's certainly fixated." A glare is sent Maria's way, but as soon as Kennedy can straighten, she lifts a knee sharply into the glabro's manbits.

OOC Puck: She's hoping he'll look Maria's way when she's mentioned, to make hitting him easier, but she'll try to hit him whether he does or not. XD
OOC Mara: Lol. Manbits.
OOC Puck: >.> XD Maybe I should have said the man's glabrobits.

The guard doesn't, unfortunately, look back towards Maria. No, he's quite fixed upon his attention to the kin before him. The feisty one. As such when she tries to knee him in his groin, he spots the movement and sidesteps the half-kick. His hand instead catches her leg before she can put it back down, and he lifts it just enough that it leaves her somewhat unbalanced. The guard actually shoves himself a little closer to her, his breath a rather foul waft of air washing down at her. That look in his eye isn't exactly the friendly kind, albeit the eager kind. Just her luck. Maria stands back still, almost content to stand there and watch the manhandling of the kin on that rack by the guard. But she does clear her throat, as if to remind them both that yes, she's still here.

Turning her head away at that odor, Kennedy makes a face before she glares at him for getting closer. That look in his eye doesn't ingratiate him to her at all, as evidenced by the fact that she spits right in his face. And then she tries to use her free arm to shove him back from her. Maria's reminded doesn't get reacted to just yet.

Alas, the Dancer also has a free hand, and he uses it to grab her arm as she shoves at him. Pushing back, he gets too close to do much else, having to let go of her leg, but turning so that she doesn't have a good shot at his 'glabrobits' as before. Her free arm is thus stuck back against the restraining straps, and he ties her limbs back up. Poor Kennedy. He then goes to strap those wily legs down too, clasping the shackles back into place. "Finally," Maria grumps as they seem to go back to where they'd started. More or less. Now with Kennedy restrained again, she dares to step a little bit closer. The guard lingers close by. He wets his lips as he looks at the kin.

Kennedy fights to the last, kicking and shoving as long as she can manage it. Once she's locked back up, though, muscles seeming to cramp right back up in those old, familiar positions, she closes her eyes and lets out a sigh. "You're lucky your dog was here, Maria," she says as the woman gets closer. "Remember to bring him next time, too."

"You don't quite get it, do you," Maria replies with a touch of her hand to her swollen lip. That seems to irritate the woman again, and she lowers her hand from the lip. Only, it doesn't lower too much before Maria swings her palm out to slap Kennedy pretty hard herself. In vengeance.

At that slap, Kennedy's head is forced to the side and she groans a little as the pain is added to the leftover from the punching. "Ooo, very good Maria. Maybe one day, you'll be able to do that when your opponent isn't strapped down. But, baby steps."

Maria sucks in a breath to control her aggravation. "Nobody is coming, Kennedy." Her eyes gaze at the willful kin, in it a conviction of belief. "Your dear Nicholas is probably having to arrange your funeral at this very moment. Should have seen the look on his face. And the police don't even have an open case now." She leans in a little closer, her voice pitching low and quiet, but firm. "Nobody is coming." Behind her, the guard's wiped the spit from his face with a fat hand. He sniffs at the saliva, and then licks at it surreptitiously.

"And what /you/ don't get," Kennedy says, staring down the woman as she gets closer, "Is that you'd just made me all the more determined to do it myself. So. I hope your people are ready. Are they ready, Maria?" The woman seems quite neutral at the moment, whatever emotional responses she might have are being saved for later.

Maria shakes her head at the kin's stubborn response. "I came here thinking you might be a little bit more cooperative, but it seems you are just going to make this a little harder. Which is fine. It's been some time since I've had a challenge," says the woman with a narrowing of her eyes. "But you should count yourself lucky. I have other subjects that I have to approach, yet. You're not the only one who is under my care, you know." Her gaze turns, just checking on the guard behind her. And perhaps she's hiding something else. But when she turns back to Kennedy, Maria adjusts her shirt, smoothing it down and notes, "Would you like to know what his face looked like, while he watched you lay there lifeless and glassy-eyed in his arms? Your blood, matting your hair and staining his clothes..." Her description seems so very vivid. Like she might have been right there, in that painful, intimate moment.

"Well, you thought wrong." Kennedy looks at her, her stare hard on the woman, "I've never going to be cooperative. Not even a little. I'm going to be hostile, violent and verbally abusive. Just so you don't get the wrong idea about our relationship." She looks away as Maria goes on, her stare going distant, her expression blank as she builds up her little walls. Her obnoxious little comments and insults not on the menu just now. Shutting down, it seems. "I don't care what you do, Maria."

Maria's expression is flat and aggravated. Frustrated, a little. But, she pauses in that description of the scene to let it all sink in well and good. Or at least float on the surface, for now, to sink later. She turns afterwards, back facing Kennedy, and walks back towards the door of the cell. There's a passing glance to the guard, and he opens the door for her. Maria leaves, no last snide remark to make today. The guarding Spiral turns his gaze to Kennedy, watching her for a time. But then he too goes and collects the crumpled shirt that had been brought for the captured woman. Lumbering out, the guard locks the door behind him.

Kennedy's stare stays forward, her gaze unmoving, her expression unchanging as the pair leaves. She doesn't give a parting shot, either, not to either one of them. But once they're both gone, Kennedy sags against her restraints, her face turning to the side as she starts to cry. She does try to keep it soft and quiet, but the sorrow is still very much there.
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