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[KENNEDY] Strange Magic

How many hours has it been? How many days? Without being given the chance to sleep, exhaustion and dehydration are taking its toll upon the captured Kin. Left to her own imagined thoughts of what her doppleganger might be doing in her place, it seems like forever before anyone besides that one guard assigned to keep her awake comes along. When the door to her cell opens, it is to let in a young woman dressed smartly, her hair in an up-do bun. Short of glasses, she might be taken for a strict librarian. But she's not, as evidenced by a scar that travels from the side of her neck and down into the top of her gray button down shirt. "How are we feeling?" she asks. It's polite, but somehow not cold, in contrast to her appearance.

Long enough, anyway. Everytime she gets close to falling asleep, as difficult as it is in the position she's in, that same guy keeps waking her up. It's gotten to the point that she growls at him everytime he gets close. Or everytime her sleep deprived brain thinks it hears him getting close. Semantics! When the newest face comes in, Kennedy has to shake her head in an attempt to clear her mind before she focuses on the woman. Sort of. "Fit as a fiddle and ready for love," she says wearily, but still with all that sass, "Which one are you? Huey, Dewey or Louie?"

"I am Maria," informs the woman crisply, "And I am not a duck." She brings around a manila folder like the kind doctors use, reading the contents once more. "Your tests came out fairly clean, although, you display some interesting patterns of... psychic anamoly in your brain waves." Her eyes look up from the file. "What is it you're hiding, Kennedy?" It's the first that anyone's used her first name, here. "What are you trying to protect? It's not Nicholas. It's... something else."

"Oh, of course. Maria was a nun. For a while anyway." Kennedy chuckles to herself, certainly a tired sound, and a little out of her own control, before she looks at Maria again. "I don't suppose you could manage to get me some clothes that aren't ripped to shreds? It gets cold in here." Does it? Who knows, but she seems to think it does, anyway. Her laughter comes back as Maria goes on, though, her head shaking, "Supernaturals and now psychics? You got me. I'm really Charles Xavier." She laughs a while longer, almost manically, even, riiight up until Nick is mentioned. "If you people hurt him at all..."

Maria shrugs, the status of Nick going uncommented on. "I'd rather not try to imagine you bald and paralyzed, as that be quite a waste," her response comes after a pause and another file check. "However, there can be nothing done about your clothes at the moment. I'm here for an entirely different reason than clothes. Do you know what that reason is, Kennedy?" Her head tilts slightly to a side, brows raising.

"Alright, then I'm Jean Grey. You'll have to imagine me as a redhead." Kennedy lets out a frustrated sigh about the clothes, and focuses an annoyed glare at the woman. "You either want to feel me up, beat me up or draw more blood, if my experiences with this place are anything to judge by."

Shaking her head again, Maria closes the folder. "I'd like to get to know you," says the woman in a degree of cordial manner. "It's very much a mutually beneficial relationship we could have, if you're up to it. I /could/ see about your clothes. Eventually." Her hands take up the file folder with a light tapping of a finger in thought. "I think you and I could come to agree on that much, right?"

"Oh, well... I like long walks on the beach," Kennedy says with a crooked smile. "Oh, well, aren't you a giving soul. But I'm not that desperate." She lifts an eyebrow at those last words, watching her for a long moment. "What do you want? Let's just get to it instead of dancing around like this. It's /tiring/."

Maria smiles again, and nods. "Alright then. We'll try to be honest with each other. I have a certain ability to read minds. Whether they like it or not. You /also/ have some kind of ability, am I right? One that you don't want others to know about. But anyone who knows what to look for could tell." She stands confident, relaxed, and gauging of the Kin's answer.

"Well, then I guess /you're/ Charles Xavier." Kennedy just keeps on looking at her like she's crazy as she goes on. "Right. Well, I have always had an embarrassing passion for knitting."

Maria narrows her eyes slightly, sighing and shaking her head again. And then she steps closer. No doubt, the woman is going to try and touch her. Except that she doesn't just yet. Instead, the next act is to grab the hairpin holding up her hair and to pull it out, letting dark strands loose. "Seeing as you've made your decision, I suppose I'll have to show you mine," says the woman as she tucks the hairpin away and out of reach. Staring at Kennedy, the woman seems to focus intently upon her face much like the doppleganger had done. And a short, sharp mental poke pierces the kin's mind. Like a psychic needle, it only just scratches the surface testingly. But, it's a needle all the same.

"Bring it on, bitch," Kennedy says, the tiredness taking the bite out of her words, but she's not too tired to glare defiantly. Watching her as she walks up, since that's all she really can do, the mental poke comes as something of a surprise to the kin. She gasps and jerks a little, then /stares/ at the woman for a long moment. "The hell're you doing?"

Maria answers with a blunt kind of honesty, "I'm getting the answers I need to the questions I have." Duh, Kennedy! The woman continues to stare, and that needle starts to pry a little deeper, digging into her most recent memories, thoughts. And in the kin's mind, she can 'hear' Maria speaking to her, *Now then. If you're hiding something, it's most likely to be related to someone you're connected to, am I right?* Poke, poke. Her thoughts of Nicholas, the horror of seeing her doppleganger face to face, the anger... she gets to have it all dredged up again. Fun? Not really.

"Get out. Get out. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" Kennedy screams at her in the physical world, apparently taking the mental intrusion personally. More so than the medical ones previous. Mentally, she tries to barricade against that needle, her face locked in concentration as she tries to desperately protect those memories.

Ah but it's late now, and Maria's mired in the mind of the Kin. Wrestling with an unwilling victim seems to be something the woman is used to now, and /her/ focus is also apparent. The mental attacks come insidiously, forcing Kennedy to try to protect too much. All the while, there's little nips of memories here and there, happier memories too get pulled out and examined. Then... less happy ones. The ones that have to do with Nicholas and some struggles there. It's not pretty, what Maria manages to do with Kennedy's mind.

Even though it's hopeless, Kennedy still tries to protect things, keep them from being viewed and relived. However, the mage is still able to flip through them like an old photo album. Tears start to roll down Kennedy's face, particularly at those less happy ones. But, it seems she can still hold together, as those memories also give her a sort of hope. Perhaps it's seeing Nick again, but she looks over at Maria and smirks a bit. "Having fun? Don't forget the sex, I promise those are worth a look over."

Oh, the sex gets a look over too, no doubt. But once Maria finds memories not of just Nicholas, but of others... and Jeffrey... she has a bit of an *ahha* moment. Hmmm. Interesting. Oh, she's going in for the deep stuff now. And worse, there's all the dark dreams that she's walked suddenly coming up, those relived moments. Nicholas turning into a Spiral... that's an interesting one.

That 'ahha' moment makes Kennedy tense up and she watches the woman for her reactions as she starts to go over those memories. But, when she finds those dreams, Kennedy has to look away, her eyes squeezing shut to keep more tears from falling. But it's clear those are some of her most painful memories, most fearful, and definitely the most full of sorrow and worry.

*A dreamwalker,* considers Maria to the other woman. *Who would have thought. You're a brave woman, Kennedy. Very brave indeed.* Her ventures take her through a few of those dreams in full, but eventually even she appears to be a little bit sickened by some of the things she finds. "I think... we have much to discuss, you and I," speaks Maria aloud after a pause in all that scanning. Still, her hold on the kin's mind remains. "Such as... whether or not you'd like me to rid yourself of some of these... hm. Traumatic thoughts."

"It's a spiritual thing. I learned in India. The monks had this thought that if I could lucid dream, it would help me when I had nightmares." Lies, liiiiies lies lies. Kennedy looks back over to her, a flash of anger at those last words. "You leave my thoughts alone. And my memories. They're none of your goddamn business."

*Tsk tsk Kennedy, lying to a telepath,* Maria chides. Accompanying that scold is a quick mental prodding at a couple of those very memories. She pulls out a specific memory, that of Jeffrey's first approach to the young girl and his charming demeanor. And that moment of Our Little Secret shared with Nick. Numina. Fascinating stuff! Finally, though, Maria releases Kennedy's mind. Relatively in tact, except for the disgusting feeling of having been essentially mind raped. Breathing in deeply, the woman composes herself again. And, aggravatingly, she smiles at Kennedy. "I'm sure you're wondering now, where we go from here," she comments.

Kennedy rolls her eyes upward to look at the ceiling when those specific memories are called up. She lets out a breath as her mind is released, and looks over at Maria with more than a little disgust of her own. She doesn't need to be a mindreader to know the captive kin feels plenty violated. "Don't smile at me. You don't... poke and prod around in my head and then smile at me like we're friends. Your rancid /bitch/. Frankly, I don't give a damn where you think we're going from here. I don't give one good god damn."

Maria puts a finger to her temple, tapping lightly. "Oh, I'm sure you do give a damn. Or, you will at some point. But first, I think I take offense to being called rancid when it's you who... well, you don't smell particularly nice. I'll make sure the guard sees to that little problem." She turns away, to glance over the file once more. "We'll be in touch," comments the woman as she moves towards the door. As she departs, there's a quiet murmuring of 'rancid bitch indeed' that passes from the woman's lips as she steps out.

"Yeah, well, mine can be solved with a shower. Yours is more than just skin deep. You awful, horrid, vicious little /snake/," Kennedy says flatly, glowering at the woman. When she turns away, Kennedy curls her hands into fists and leans her head back against her odd upwards table. "Okay, guys. You can be coming to my rescue any time now," she says in a low voice to people who aren't actually around. Alas!
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