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[KENNEDY] 'Two' Much of a Good Thing

When Kennedy next woke from her sedated state, she'd found herself tied against a rack that wasn't particularly nice to be on. The experiments that followed were harsh, brutal for just the physical body. But her will, so strong it was, that even after all that it seems like they were getting nowhere. She hasn't been allowed to go anywhere after the last particularly close escape attempt. That doctor's still nursing his stab wound from the scalpel she jabbed into him, just off the connection of his neck and shoulder. She got beat up for that one, despite their attempts to 'not harm' her. It's been some time since she's been poked and prodded at, though her time sense might be a little screwy now. There's no telling what time it is or what day it is; the cell she's been shoved into is completely walled in, and there aren't any windows or vents. Perhaps she's underground? Who knows. But now, she is still stuck on that rack with the straps cutting into her raw skin, her body forced upright in a cruel sort of crucifixion on a Y-shaped device. The door locks grind as they're made to open. The very first thing she's struck with is a huge splash of ice cold water - with even some of the chunks of ice still left in it. It's salty, that water, lending no suggestion that she drink it lest she dehydrate even more.

It's only sheer willpower that's kept her from breaking down into tears through all this, too stubborn to let them see her weak. When that door opens, she tries to straighten up, look tough, even though she hardly feels it by now. She tenses up as that water hits her, and hisses some as that salt hits a few cuts from her beating. "Well," she says, her voice a little gravely, "Good morning to you, too."

"Make a deal with you, Miss Parker," comes one of the gravelly voiced men who have been in charge of keeping her awake. "If you can tell me what time it is, I'll let you go. No questions asked." The lights are flicked on, bright and glaring, a little torturous on their own for her weakened body. Migraine causing, those lights. Her clothing has been ripped up by now, leaving much exposed, hardly anything to be salvaged by way of dignity. And there's no mistaking the leering from the man as he tosses the bucket that had been filled with water to an opposite corner of the room.

"Miller time?" Kennedy answers, pulling a smirk onto her face. Of course, when the lights come on, she winces from the brightness, closing her eyes to guard against it. The exposure doesn't seem to bother her much, nor the leering. David is probably to thank for that. The man's leering doesn't get so much as a glare from her.

Shaking his head, the guard rolls his eyes. "Don't know what that Nicholas guy sees in you," he considers. "Unless the sex is just that good." He tilts his head at a thoughtful angle, and comes over closer. This time, though, it's to check those bonds and make sure they're secure. Despite that leering, he does the examination with a cool manner. "He's going nuts, you know. Looking for you," remarks the man as he gives her a head to toe pat down.

"He's in it for the money," Kennedy remarks as she tries to keep her eyes open, even though she has to squint. She watches as he comes closer, stiffening up a little as if she's thinking about hitting him. Which she probably is. "He does that. It's part of his charm." She lets out a sigh at the pat down, rolling /her/ eyes this time. "What? Afraid I somehow snuck in a gun since the last time you did this?"

The pat down continues regardless, and there's an extra little grope or two in there. Temptation. "Oh you'd be surprised what a supernatural can do," the guard says with a straightening up. Then, as per usual of the examination, he motions for her to open her mouth so he can check there as well.

Those gropes get a raised eyebrow, "Oh, so you /are/ human. I was starting to think automation. Or maybe cyborg. Zombie, maybe..." Why yes, she is mocking him. "I would be surprised, considering figments of the imagination tend to have a hard time /doing/ anything at all." When he motions for her to open her mouth, she gives him a flat stare and keeps it closed.

The guard eyes Kennedy. "Come on now, don't be like that. I'm trying to be nice here," he says with a thin smile that is anything but. "And if you don't cooperate, I'll be forced to do some unpleasant things to finish my examination." His brows raise, almost hopeful that she just might not cooperate.

"Yeah, you've been a peach. Remind me to get your address for my Christmas card list." Kennedy eyes him for a few long moments, as if trying to decide if she wants to open her mouth or not. as it turns out, she doesn't. In fact, all she does is curl her fingers to flip him off.

Sigh. And here he had his hopes up. "Maybe I should tell you I was once Jewish," the guard replies. And shortly after spotting that flip of the bird at him, he grabs his stun gun off his belt and coldly applies the device to her exposed skin at her waist. The jolt is a shock to the system, seizing muscles and not fun at all.

"Oh, well. Mazel Tov." Kennedy hisses through her teeth at that shock, tensing up of course, and jerking as she tries to wrest control of her body again. By the look on her face, she's got a few choice words in mind for him at the moment. If she could speak.

In fact, the guard applies the device a couple more times for a few nasty seconds until she's a little dazed. Then, seizing her jaw, he forces her mouth open with prying, grubby fingers and makes the examination rather quickly. Even he seems aware of her feisty nature, and doesn't chance her actually biting him. At the end of his examination, though, he cheekily plants a quick kiss on her lips. "There, see? That wasn't so bad now, was it?" And with that note, he turns his back to her to go to the corner, collecting the bucket. "See you in a little while." As he picks up the bucket, the door opens again. Flanked by a pair of similarly dressed guards, a man whose skin bears a somewhat unhealthy pallor steps inside. He doesn't wear anything notable, uniform wise, and that perhaps puts him out of place. With sloppy dress and a wavering sneer, he dismisses the guard with the bucket by a mere grunt and a look. The sallow-faced man turns back to Kennedy once the guard has left, and waves his guards out of the room. Just him and her, now. He takes a very long moment to stare at her, picking apart the woman before him with his eyes. And doing so in complete, utter silence.

If only she could shake that daze fast enough. But no, he manages to get his fingers in and out of her mouth before she can chomp down. Alas. She growls at that kiss, though, and turns her head to spit afterwards, disgusted. "You kiss like my grandmother!" She shouts after him. Oh, but then there's a new face. "Jesus. Cast of thousands up in here," she says with a huff. She watches this new man studying her, frowning at his silence.

The yellowish skin on the guy isn't healthy at all. Or, one could muse, he just was born that way. Still silent, the man draws closer. His steps take him to a side of her - the side she'd been shocked on. And slowly, a hand reaches out to brush his fingertips along her skin. It traces some of the cuts and bruises, and even if she were to try and move away, those fingers track her. Without a word, she's subjected to this second examination. One couldn't really call it gentle, even though it doesn't exactly hurt.

Kennedy doesn't move away, but she does stiffen up as she endures the examination. "Is this really necessary? The charmer that just left already went through this." She tries not to wince as he gets close to her cuts and scraps, but she certainly doesn't look happy.

After that excruciating exam, the man steps back and faces her. Slowly but surely, his skin that was previously light and yellow begins to darken. The color becomes more brown, more...matching, to the woman's own skin color. He still doesn't say a word, but simply begins to transform in front of her. The process is a slow one as well, steadily marching towards a mirror image of her, in fact. Even the cuts and bruises that she's attained form. What's probably the most disturbing is when his face and body start to fill out and morph. She can hear the squelching sounds of rearranging bones, muscle, and flesh. She can see the man's thin hair grow outwards, fuller, darkened to match.

When his skin starts to change, Kennedy watches, confused at first... right until he starts to look like her more and more. "What the... /fuck/..." Finally, it seems something they've done has gotten to her, as she seems to be getting closer to panic. "Don't you /touch/ him! Don't you dare go /near/ him, you sick- God, what is /wrong/ with all of you," she shouts out, calling up some anger to cover that panicky reaction.

He (or should it be 'she' now?) still doesn't say anything. Not until the transformation is completely solidified, and there is an unnerving similarity to how she looks. How is it the man turned himself into a quite gorgeous looking woman can't be anything but unnatural. The more angry she gets, and the more shouts she fires at her doppleganger, the more the look-alike simply seems to study her. Finally, though, the clone speaks. "We're just doing what we can to further our goals. Sometimes, sacrifices are necessary." God help her, the shapechanger's voice also sounds exactly like Kennedy.

"Oh god... Don't do this. Not him. Please... not Nicholas," Kennedy says, begs really, as tears start to fall down her face. "Just leave him alone! Goddamnit. Don't hurt him... please..." She turns her head away then, ducking it down to hide the suddenly emotional reaction that she can't actually stop.

All her pleading doesn't seem to affect the clone. Now dressed in clothes that don't exactly fit, given they were previously on a skinnier and unhealthy man, the shapeshifter takes that moment to shed the clothes upon that female frame. Stepping forward, the clone reaches up a hand to tip up the real Kennedy's face again, so they can see each other, eye to teary eye. "I won't hurt him," falsely claims the doppleganger, giving a 'reassuring' smile along with it. Such a pretty smile. And better still, the performance is accompanied by a single tear dripping down the clone's face like that of what is on Kennedy's. "But he needs to know that you're okay."

"I'm going to kill you," Kennedy says coldly, quietly... right until she repeats her words at a scream, arms and legs thrashing at her bonds to try to break free. "I'm going to KILL YOU! Don't you go NEAR him!" Oh yeah, she's pissed now. If only she were strong enough to actually break those restraints.

She can scream and holler until her voice is raw, but the restraints hold her still. The shapechanger turns away from her and starts to walk out, leaving her to her impotent rage. The door opens and the guards outside have to do a double take, but they too come to accept just who it is stepping out of the cell. Naked. "Let's go boys," the clone teases to them. The cell door starts to close again, and this time the locks grind shut, leaving her confined and alone to what thoughts might be running through her mind.

Kennedy does scream and holler, and jerk and growl and all sorts of expressions of her anger, and her anger at her inability to /do/ anything. By the time the doors lock behind her double, the real Kennedy is left sagged against her bonds, weeping to herself.
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