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[KENNEDY] Outnumbered

It's a very special night. The winter air is crisp and cold, people are bundled up as they hustle and bustle their way through the city, but more importantly, Kennedy is just stepping out of her favorite shoe boutique, saying a warm and friendly goodbye to Luc as she steps out onto the sidewalk and points her feet toward where she parked the BMW. Her hands are heavy laden with bags from the store, probably four pairs of new shoes tucked away within. There's even a bit of a spring in her step. New Shoe Spring.

[First Watch] It seems Nicholas is barely paying attention, absorbed, it seems, in some novel. Most of his side is dimmed purely out of concentration on his book.

It's on that sort of night that out of the corner of Kennedy's eye, she spots the awkward shamble of a man dressed in dirty rags and walking with a sliding shuffle towards her. His hands are wrapped around him for warmth, trying to keep his fingers sheltered in the folds of his outer coat and stained sweater. Though his gaze looks down towards the sidewalk at first, he looks up at about two yards away with squinty eyes. "H-help you load your car, m-m-miss?" he offers.

Kennedy looks up at that voice, her head tilting a bit at the sight. "Ah, actually I got this alright on my own," she says as she tosses the bags into the backseat, "but you know, I found this on the sidewalk out there..." She steps closer to the man, pulling a fifty from her wallet, "I wonder if it isn't yours?" She holds it out toward him, her expression holding empathy, but no pity for him.

[First Watch] Kennedy gets a flash of concern and then a surge of compassion.
[First Watch] Nicholas seems to rouse a bit from his book at that concern. "What's up?" he inquires curiously.
[First Watch] Kennedy answers, "Oh, there's this homeless guy out by Luc's."

Even though she's standing there holding that fifty dollar bill in front of his eyes, the man seems to stuck - not from indecision, but from staring at her face. It's about a minute of silent staring, gawking, before he seems to come back to himself. Crusty fingers in an ash-stained glove reach tentatively for the denomination... and take it. "Th-thank you..." says the man in a much quieter voice. And he's still staring.

[First Watch] David is idly doing his own thing, only half-listening.
[First Watch] Nicholas says, "Oh yeah?" There's a pause, then a flash of playful amusement. "You're at Luc's, huh?"
[First Watch] Kennedy huffs at his question, "I was just picking up a few things is all. And saying hello to him. I didn't get a chance to see him over the holidays..."

When the man takes to money, Kennedy gives him a gentle smile, apparently unphased by his staring, "You're welcome. You have a good day, okay?" And apparently, she means that as a farewell, as she turns to head back to her car.

The homeless man doesn't move anywhere, but watches her get into the car. She's free to drive, it seems, no further accosting by the man standing on the street.

And she does just that, climbing into the driver's seat, buckling up and taking off without much of a look back at the man. After all, she's still got new shoes to celebrate and a handsome husband to go home to! Full schedule!

Less than a block away, as she comes to a stop at the red light of the intersection, a dark black SUV comes barreling down the street from behind her after having turned a corner from another street. In front of her, a silver colored car screeches to a halt and doors open to expunge a couple of suited men in dark glasses hiding their eyes. Her vehicle is quickly surrounded, and she has but a few seconds to react.

[First Watch] Nicholas seems amused. "I see. Luc have good holidays? And don't forget to save your receipts." The usual reminder, now. Though for what purpose she hasn't had a chance to figure out. He goes back to his book. o/`

That SUV isn't noted for terribly long, as it is the silver car in front of her that gets her attention. Those few seconds are taking up by indecision, her hands tightening on the wheel and her foot ready to gun it, if she sees an opening. In the meantime, the doors remain locked and the windows up for now.

[First Watch] There's a surge of panic from Kennedy, the image of her being surrounded flashing through. "Is this how the FBI operates?" She asks in a tone that tries for humor to deflect her panic, but doesn't quite make it.
[First Watch] Nicholas blinks more alert. "I...have no idea. Are you okay? Where are you?" The panic is met with worry and fear of his own.
[First Watch] Kennedy rattles off her intersection, but seems more than a little distracted. "I just don't know what's going on. My guns are registered, damnit!"
[First Watch] Nicholas offers a reassuring feeling. "I'm sure whatever it is will be okay. I'm on my way, alright?" Novel forgotten, he's alert and all hands on deck right now.
[First Watch] Kennedy nods a bit, "Okay. Just be fast, okay?"
[First Watch] David comes in a little late. "The FBI? Excuse me?"
[First Watch] David says, "Kennedy, can you give us a clearer picture of the men around you?"
[First Watch] David says, "Damn. I'm across town from that intersection."
[First Watch] Kennedy explains, "Well, there's these SUVs and guys in suits and sunglasses. I don't know who they are." She feeds them a clear picture of the men she can see, and the two SUVs.

One of the men come right up to her window, all business and none of the humor that she might be feeding over the packlink at the moment. Without a word, the man points to the door on her driver's side, perhaps indicating that she either open the window or the door. At least he's giving her a choice? How nice of him. The other men, however, seem a little antsier about their positions as they've taken up spots all around the vehicle. It doesn't take two seconds to note that some of them are packing heat. There are eight of them in all.

Kennedy swallows before she pulls the window down just a few inches. "Something I can help you gentlemen with?" She asks as nonchalantly as possible. "I couldn't have been speeding," she continues with a crooked smile, "I was stopped." Her gaze does flick around to take them all in, and the fact that there are guns present before she looks back to the one outside her window.

[First Watch] Kennedy doesn't send any new information, but she seems at red alert.
[First Watch] Nicholas keeps sending reassurance, though it's a bit more distracted as he focuses on running. There's a thrum of fear in the background that he tries to keep suppressed.

"Kennedy Parker?" responds the man at her window, "Please step out of your vehicle. I'm only going to ask you once." His voice is a professional's, all-business, and in a way deadly serious. He reaches into his jacket, but not, it appears, for his holstered gun.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to see badges first, before I get out of anything. You and your friends," Kennedy says with a wave toward the others gathered. "I realize you may think women alone can be bullied by the serious face and all, but I think you'll find that isn't always the case."

[First Watch] Kennedy notes, "Faster would be better..."
[First Watch] Nicholas replies, "I'm trying, I'm running as fast as I can! I'm still a few blocks away!" A little more worry leaks through.
[First Watch] Kennedy blinks, "Why didn't you take the Prius?"
[First Watch] Nicholas ... /Fuck/! I should have--fuckfuckfuck why do I never think of these things /fuck/!

Given the lack of humor on the man's face, he doesn't appear to have had any effect by Kennedy's statement. Instead, he merely takes in a long breath, hypothetically for focus, and draws out a cloth. Not any particularly notable cloth, but it does have a bit of a smell to it that might be familiar to those with the chemical makeup of chloroform. "Asked you once," he says simply. And then, without further notice, he punches the car window in. The strength is unnatural, no doubt, but by the time she's given the chance to react to it, he's already reached in and has her nose and mouth covered fully with the pungent smelling fabric.

That smell doesn't seem to ring any bells int the kin, but when he punches in the window, Kennedy lets out a scream that's likely meant to alert anyone else who might happen to be around rather than out of fear, but it cuts off when he covers her face. She struggles, of course, trying to get away from that cloth as one of her hands starts hitting and scratching his arm, and the other pulls the keys out of the ignition to jam the key into that arm.

[First Watch] David says, "Calm down, Nicholas! Kennedy, keep sending us images of wherever you are who whoever is accosting you. It will help us find you and know what's going on."
[First Watch] Kennedy chuckles, "I love you, Nick. You're-Shit!" Her side of the link flips from affection directed toward her husband to a rush of fear-driven adrenalin.
[First Watch] Nicholas lets out a surge of panic after that. "Almost there! Almost! Just hang in there! I might see the cars maybe I hope oh god don't die I love you!"
[First Watch] David says, "Kennedy! What's going on?"

The key jabs hard, but not enough to keep the man from pursuit of his goal. The chloroform's anesthetic properties begin to work quickly, especially with her increased attempts of breathing and blood-pumping adrenaline rush. Eventually, the man is going to win out here, even as she's mildly aware of the other men starting to enter her car, as the door's unlocked to let them in so they can grab hold of her flailing limbs to keep her from resisting further.

Kennedy keeps on fighting to the very end, nails and keys and teeth, if she can manage to get a bite in, but her struggles become weaker as the chloroform starts to kick in. She muffles something behind the cloth before she passes out, slumping there in the seat.

[First Watch] Kennedy sends a few thoughts, something about a cloth over her face, some offense at these 'fucking bastards' touching Black Beauty, and a final surge of fear as it dawns on her that she's not getting out of this one just before she fades out from the link.

Nicholas is just a block away, running as fast as he can and panting hard. "Kennedy!" he yells, trying to wrestle his phone out to call the police as he gets closer. All he can see from this side it the black SUV behind Black Beauty and maybe the legs of the man who is leaning into her window, but dammit he's running!

[First Watch] Nicholas reaches out to her in a panic. "No! Nononono, Kennedy, come back! Fuck! Fuckfuckfuck I should have taken the goddamn Prius! Kennedy!"
[First Watch] David says, "Fuck! Chloroform. Nicholas, you see what--NICHOLAS! CALM DOWN!!"
[First Watch] Nicholas says, "I AM CALM!"

Don't mind the homeless guy - he's staring either in shock or indecision. But he /does/ seem to have presence of mind to turn at the sound of Nick's call and running towards the vehicles down the block. "W-w-wait!" blurts the man. Meanwhile, the others have climbed out of Black Beauty and they're returning to their respective vehicles. The man who's gotten Kennedy down and out opens the door on her side to push her over into the passenger seat while he takes up the vehicle. The key that's been jabbed at him is inserted into the ignition, the car started, and engines rev as all this takes place rather quickly. Too quickly for Nicholas to run, speedy though he is.
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