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[KENNEDY] Nightingale

For once, Nicholas is awake before Kennedy. At around 4:30, he rouses from his sleep--not peacefully, unfortunately, but with a sharp yell of pain. Snapping upright with a gasp, he seems incredibly pale, and his leg bandages are due for a change: the blood has seeped through them and all over the bed. Plus that upright movement must not have been good for his side-hurts. His hands go to the still-good part of his leg, gripping tightly while he hisses through his teeth.

His yelp is enough to wake Kennedy up with a start. "Nick?" She sits up, bringing a hand to his shoulder as she gives him a worried look. "God, baby..." She looks more than a little stressed at his pain, not to mention tired from too little sleep herself. "What can I do? Is there something I can do?"

Nicholas takes quick deep breaths, trying to pant through the pain. His eyes squeeze shut, teeth bared in a snarl while tears eke out along his cheeks as he shakes his head to her question. After about thirty more eternal seconds though, he lets out his breath all at once, sagging back against the headboard and trembling. "Sorry," he whispers, panting.

Kennedy just rubs his back through it, regretting that she can't do anything to fix it. "No, no, don't say sorry. /I'm/ sorry," she says, nuzzling into his cheek. "Your bandages need changing. You want me to wait? I also have your scotch... I don't know if that'll help." She doesn't seem to care about the blood staining the bed, being far more concerned for him.

"Wait," is Nicholas's soft decision. "J-just a few." He nuzzles back a bit, then nods. "Scotch. Scotch would be good. Dull the pain a little." He catches her hand though, giving her a slightly pain-glazed look. "I love you."

"Of course, baby," Kennedy says to his first words. "I'll grab that scotch." Luckily, it isn't far, she just rolls over to snatch the bottle off her bedside table, then rolls back over and sits up to open it for him. "I love you, too, Nick. I'm so sorry this happened..."

"Don' be. Better me than Louise. No other humans were harmed, so, 's all good." Nicholas takes that bottle from her and downs a good portion before erupting into coughing at the strong liquid. Wiping his mouth on his arm, he sighs and settles back, a little more comfortable now. A little color's coming back too, in the dim light. "Sorry this all got dropped on you. Rough night though, huh?"

"True, but call me selfish if I'd rather it not be you, either." Kennedy puts her hand on his back as he drinks, rubbing gently. "Please. It's all part of the deal. You don't have to say sorry. It was a bit of a rough night, but I plan on similar ones everytime this happens."

Nicholas chuckles dryly and nods a bit. "Yeah, me too. At least I can come back from the dead. Though...I'm not sure what punishment we'll get for that Veil Breakage." He sighs and rubs a hand over his face. "It was right outside the goddamn building, too. Just like... half a block down. Hope to god it doesn't get spun off the tracks..."

"True." Kennedy's gaze falls to that scar on his side, and she doesn't actually sound entirely thrilled for the dying part. "We'll take care of it, Nick. Don't worry for now, whatever the punishment is, or how it's covered up, don't worry for now. And if some Philodox wants to march in here and try to lay it down while you're still bleeding, I'll challenge their honor on the spot, you can bet on that."

Nicholas sniffs a bit and takes another, smaller drink, then nods. "I'll try not to worry. But if you hear anything about the cover up, let me know?" He runs a hand gingerly over that indentation in his skin, then lets it drop with a sigh. "I think...it's probably safe to rebandage now."

"I'll call around. As soon as I'm sure you're in the clear." Which she's not entirely, apparently. Of course, that fairly constant worry on her face gives that away. She nods to his last words and moves to grab the restocked first aid stuff, to start with his leg. "You just keep that scotch in hand, okay?" She tries to be as gentle as possible as she goes about changing the bandages. "So... you have a new scar..."

Nicholas nods a bit, offering a tired but reassuring smile to her worry. He holds the scotch in his hands on his lap, though as soon as she starts unwrapping the sodden bandages he hisses in pain. As much as he tries to bite it back, it's cloth on exposed muscle and bone and that's rough--no pun intended. He takes another swallow of scotch against the pain and coughs. "New scar. Demon dog things bit the crap out of me and injected some kind of...poison or something. But that much is pretty much gone, I think."

"I'm sorry, baby. I'll try to be quick," Kennedy says as she works on his leg. She has to clean things out again, though, which means more stinging, but soon enough, she's repacking and rebandaging it and moving to his side. "Killed you," she says, softly, not looking at his face just now. She's working! "Thank you... for coming home to me."

"Killed me," Nicholas confirms. "Very nearly a second time. But..." He reaches forward and touches her face gently. "I can't do anything but, Kenn. I love you. I can't leave you." He smiles softly and lets his hand drop, in favor of another long swig of scotch. With a soft groan, he lays back into the pillows and closes his eyes a bit. "Thank you for rebandaging," he murmurs.

Kennedy sniffs at that touch, and she lets him take a drink before she leans forward to press a kiss to his lips. "Anytime you need it. Sorry I can't make it go easier for you." When he lays back, she sits up next to him, pulling the sheet over him. "When you're done bleeding, I need to change the bed. And we'll probably need a new mattress."

Nicholas returns that kiss gratefully, gently drawing it out just a little before letting it part. "It's okay. Just a couple more days and it'll start feeling a lot better." As those sheets are pulled over him, he smiles up at her and touches her hand. "I love you. I'm so lucky to have you, Kenny. Thank you."

"I know. I still get to spend those couple days fretting over you, though." Kennedy smiles back at him, her hand turning to hold onto his. "I love you, too. And I happen to think I'm the lucky one, so." She leans over to nuzzle into his cheek affectionately, and maybe with a hint of protectiveness.

"Deal." Nicholas holds her hand back, sighing gently at the nuzzle and returning it. He takes his hand back, only to wrap that arm around her waist, the other hand reaching for hers again to rest on his chest. "You okay?" he asks softly.

"I'm glad you agree," Kennedy says with a soft smile, although it grows as he wraps his arm around her and puts her hand on his chest. "I'm fine. I just worry about you. It's hard to see you like this and not be able to fix it."

Nicholas pets her skin softly, looking up at her from the pillows. "It's okay. I'd feel the same way, if it were you here. Anything I can do to help you feel better?"

Kennedy laughs at his words, sitting up just enough to look at him, "You just get better, okay? And don't worry about me, crazy fool. You're the one who gets to get pampered. Got it?"

Nicholas chuckles softly. "Okay, okay. Got it. I love you, Kenn. I like it when you smile." He gives her waist a little squeeze and then looks over at the clock with a wince. "Ooh. I woke you up early. I'm sorry, baby."

And that only gets her to smile a little more for him. "I love you, too. And you seem to always know how to get me to smile, so I guess that works out." She puts a finger to his lips, shaking her head. "It's fine. I don't mind getting up early. Plus, neither of us are going to be going down to work, so it's fine."

Nicholas smiles a little wider as she does, apparently pleased with her statement. When her finger touches his lips, he kisses it gently, reaching up to take her hand again and hold it. "Okay. You sure Emily can handle the extra work? I mean...if you need to, I'm not going anywhere..." He trails off uncertainly, not really wanting her to go but offering hte option anyways.

Kennedy smiles at that kiss, and her hand gives his a squeeze. "Emily'll be fine. And she knows she can call me if things get too crazy. And I'll work from up here if the need comes up." Leaning in to give him a kiss, she stops short to nuzzle her nose against his. "I'm not leaving your side."

Nicholas nuzzles back gently, and returns that kiss with a soft, contented sigh. "I like having you by my side. You're wonderful. I love you." He nuzzles as close as he can to her, mostly content right now despite the pain.

"I love you, too," Kennedy says, her voice soft and loving. "Is there anything I can do for you, Nick? Anything at all? Books, coffee, magazines, videogames? You name it and I'll go running."

Nicholas nuzzles a little and then sighs. "Just you, for now. Think you can get on my good side so I can hold you against me?" He brushes her hair away from her face a little with his fingertips.

"Oh, well. That's easy," Kennedy says, giving him one more kiss before she gets up to move to his other side. "And you can hold me against you all you'd like, baby."

Nicholas wraps his arms around her and holds her against him, as promised, nuzzling his face into her hair and mmming contentedly. Pressing kisses to her forehead, he finally drops off to sleep again, holding her.
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