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[KENNEDY] You Have Been Summoned

Okay, so he's attractive. Still. I certainly didn't feel a burning need to do much of anything for him beyond being nice for the sake of the truce. And not getting chewed on.

The Williams Building - Penthouse
In a building otherwise full of offices, this penthouse might seem dramatically out of place if any who would wonder were allowed within. The first thing that is likely noticed upon entering is the bank of windows in place of the exterior wall, allowing an unparalleled view of the cityscape, the nearby river, and even the lush forest atop the nearby plateau. It is only through careful study that one might spot the sliding blinds designed to cover those windows, their design keeping them unobtrusive until called upon.
The main room can best be summed up as a rich man's place of relaxation. A light blue-grey carpet, so thick as to muffle all footsteps, stretches from wall to wall, leaving only the darkly-tiled kitchen area uncovered. A massive desk constructed of nearly-black mahogany rests near one wall, aligned so that whoever sits at it would have not only an easy view of the rest of the room, but unrestricted access to the windows as well. Along the walls are various paintings, sometimes interspaced with small sculptures on pedestals, hailing from nearly every culture and time-period known to man, as well as one corner completely dominated by a deeply upholstered sectional couch. Comfortable seating dots the remainder of the floor space, giving the impression that the owner of this place is probably in the habit of hosting parties.

It's a subtle thing, a strange thing. The sun's been down for a few hours, and an urge strikes you to go for a walk. It's a meandering sort of a walk, one of those where you know you're looking for something, but can never really seem to think of just what. Like you've got a craving you just can't quite put a name to. But in the end, you find yourself in the lobby of the Williams Building without quite knowing just how you ended up there. And one of the elevators sits invitingly open.

When Kennedy's feet take her into that particular lobby, she pauses, knowing that she /really/ doesn't want to be here, even if it feels like she does at the moment. She doesn't turn to go, though. Can't, even, especially with that elevator sitting open. All in all, it's only a few moment's hesitation before she crosses to that elevator to get in.

The ride up is uneventful, not even relieved by muzak, though it doesn't last long either. And then the doors open with a soft chime onto the penthouse. All the blinds are open, giving an unsurpassed view of the city by night and the darkness of the wooded plateau beyond. And off to one side, in one of the few patches of light in the otherwise dim penthouse, sits the Prince himself. Though, at the moment, he looks more like a businessman behind his desk, typing at his computer until the elevator opens, at which point he glances up and smiles, "Ah, excellent. Do come in."

The first thing Kennedy seems to notice is that view of the city. It even keeps her attention for a few long moments, as she lets out an appreciative 'oh wow'. Glass Walkers. But, his voice reminds her that she's /here/ and not really wanting to be, and she turns to him with a frown. "You're a real bastard, you know that?"

Aaron laughs softly at the opinion, tapping one last thing into his computer before leaning back in his chair and turning to face the kinswoman, "I suppose so. But I thought that we should have a talk, Mrs. Grey." Only then does he stand, coming from around the desk and gesturing towards one of the many comfortable-looking chairs scattered around the room, "Can I get you anything? Tea?"

>>> Aaron rolls 6 dice (Charisma + Etiquette) -- Result: 6 6 7 8 10 10 | Successes (Diff 6): 6
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(OOC) Aaron: Oh hey, Charisma specialty.
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(OOC) Kennedy: XD

Kennedy eyes him for a long moment, but she does come over to take one of those chairs to sit in. "I suppose we should," she says, crossing her legs and getting comfortable despite herself. "Tea? No." There's a brief pause before she adds, "Thank you."

Aaron simply nods, accepting the refusal without even a ripple, instead simply settling himself in another chair facing Kennedy, leaning back and lacing his hands together on his knee, "You are aware that Roman has come to speak to me on this matter?" He really does seem practically human, though there's... something about him. That sense of Predator, perhaps. Instinct telling you things that your conscious senses can't pick out. "Is there anything you wish to say to me?"

"Yeah, I'm aware. And as I understand it, we're all still under a truce, yes?" Kennedy seems to be trying to feel the situation out, being one little kin in the lair of the vampire Prince. "Oh, there's a lot of things I'd like to say to you," she says at that question, a bit of a smirk coming to her face, "None of them terribly ladylike, though. But, I will say this... you crossed a line, Mister Godwin. Whatever your intentions were, that was too far. I mean, I know the technicalities, he offered. But whatever, we all know he wouldn't offer under normal circumstances. And you should have backed off."

"Yes, the truce still continues," the Prince murmurs, regarding Kennedy somewhat blandly. He's even gone to the trouble of remembering to blink and breathe for her, for whatever reason. And he lets the kin speak her peace without attempting to interrupt, merely watching her quietly until she finishes. At which point his lips twitch in a somewhat sardonic expression, "Perhaps I should have. But when an enemy delivers himself into your hand, it is difficult to resist temptation. However," and one finger lifts to illustrate the point, "I now know the error I made, and will not repeat it. And, truly," he shrugs slightly, "he came to no harm."

"But we're not enemies," Kennedy points out, "For the moment, anyway. And harm isn't the point. Honor is the point. And I know this truce is about the vaguest worded agreement in history, and I know we all like that because it gives each side it's wiggle room and everything, but still. Provoking the wolves into anger isn't a good idea for any of us. But I'm glad to hear it won't happen again, because if it does, /I'll/ be provoked into anger."

Aaron snorts softly, "Our kind will always be enemies, Mrs. Grey. The wolves cannot help it, just as we cannot deny our hunger. The most that can be hoped for are... pauses in hostilities." If he even noticed the threat, the Prince gives no sign of it, "Make no mistake, Mrs. Grey, I do not promise this for your sake, or your husband's, or even his species. I promise it for myself and mine. I was unaware of the effect the werewolf's blood has on us until now, and I do not care for it."

"Oh, please. I have no delusion that you're in a suddenly charitable mood for us," Kennedy says with an amused, crooked smile. But then, as he explains, she lifts an eyebrow, curious. "It's bad for you?" Funny how that possibility causes a flash of relief in the woman's expression.

"There is nothing sudden about this charity, Mrs. Grey, I assure you." Aaron turns his head to look out the windows nearby, eyes tracing over the dark space beyond the borders of the city to the north, "It was charity that stayed my hand, after the Recurrance. Charity argued fervently against by my advisors and subjects. If I had listened to them at the time, we would not be having this conversation." It's like he's talking about the weather, or the fact that he enjoys blue more than red. "You are one of the wolfkin, Mrs. Grey. You know of the fury that lives within them. Their blood seems to carry it, and it feeds out own Beast in ways I had not anticipated. As I said, I will not be repeating the experience."

When the Recurrance is mentioned, Kennedy stands up from her seat to pace toward those windows herself. The subject clearly not as mundane as the weather to her. "To tell you the truth, I wouldn't have expected us to be having this conversation either way," she says after a few moments to recover, glancing back over her shoulder with a wry chuckle. "Yeah, I guess I can see how that makes sense. I didn't... realize vampires had a beast, too." And that fact seems to get a curious quirk of her eyebrow.

Aaron, for his part, remains seated and continues to lazily watch the kin, "As you say, but I thought some things needed to be explained, and the wolves... well, I have no urge to attempt a conversation through snarling and the ducking of claws." A beat, a blink, and then he shrugs, "Just as their violence is part of their nature, so to is our Beast part of ours. Surely you have heard the folklore of the feral vampire, hunting through the woods and fields with little care for civilization or delicacy."

"I appreciate the explanation. Although, the one thing that hasn't been is how you got him so compliant in the first place." Kennedy turns to face him again more fully, although she doesn't come back to sit down again. "I've heard a lot of lore on vampires. I tend not to put too much stock in it until I know for myself. I mean, think about it, in a hundred years, the whole sparkle thing will be an accepted part of the lore. You've to to think, what was the /last/ century's ridiculous addition to vampire mythology? You see what I mean?"

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(OOC) Aaron .o(Maybe I can make them think it's just me, not something I do~)
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(OOC) Kennedy: Thank goodness it isn't. >.> None would be safe!

Aaron snorts a laugh, nodding, "Point taken." At first, it might seem as though no explanation is forthcoming, the Prince instead standing from his seat, brushing his coat straight with an absent gesture before walking over to stand nearby at the windows, folding his hands behind his back and looking outwards. "Just as there are divisions among the garou, there are divisions among the Kindred," he begins, perhaps cryptically. "Our Clans all have things they are known for. Mine... well. We have always been the kings among our people. Some of that touches everything we do, I think."

(OOC) Aaron charismablasts anyway. C_C
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(OOC) Aaron, butt like granite.
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Kennedy actually smiles when he laughs, and she nods once, "I rest my case, then." When he comes closer, she watches, looking a little guarded again, but only a little. And it seems to relax when she realizes he isn't coming /too/ close. "Is that right? We've got a tribe like that. Never seen anyone literally fall at their feet, though," she says, giving him a bit of an amused, sidelong glance.

(OOC) Aaron tries this shit again!
>>> Aaron rolls 4 dice (AWE DAMMIT) -- Result: 2 2 7 4 | Successes (Diff 7): 1
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(OOC) Kennedy XD

Aaron shrugs, not looking towards the kinswoman, "The garou are also notoriously short of life. Perhaps if one of your Royal Tribe lived as long as I, something might be seen." Another of those soft, almost introspective laughs, and then the Prince simply shakes his head, "Be that as it may, take it to heart that your husband is safe from my hunger from this point forth, Mrs. Grey. I do not go back on my word."

Looking over at him, Kennedy actually stops the conversation for a moment, just to look. But after a noticeable pause, she gets back on track again. "Well, good. If he offers again, don't worry, I'll be here to smack him back into sense. You've got to be a little forceful with those wolves from time to time," she says with a bit of a sly smile as she turns to look back out at the view.

Aaron chuckles, "So I've noticed. Still, they have their good points, here and there." A moment, just sharing the view, and then he nods as though to himself before turning to face the kinswoman, extending a hand towards her, "I'm glad we could have this talk, Mrs. Grey. Perhaps you and yours will not come to truly understand our position, but at least you know where we stand."

"Here and there," Kennedy says with a laugh. She looks over at him again when he offers his hand and she does reach out to take it, this time without the same hesitation she's been showing. "Well, next time you want to chat, Mister Godwin, use the phone, okay? And I hope you don't mind if I save my prostrating for another day?" She asks with an amused tone, and she gives his hand an almost friendly squeeze before she lets go.

Aaron smiles down at the kin, actually placing his free hand over hers where he holds it in a brief clasp, "Next time, Mrs. Grey, perhaps your husband will not be so annoyed at me that a message to you might actually go through. In the meantime, I wish you a pleasant evening." Releasing her hand, the Ventrue turns back to the elevator, much like someone might hold a door for a lady, the posture easily recognizable even if the gesture is somewhat out of place.

"Well, see, you're in luck, because I'm the one that gets /his/ messages, not the other way around," Kennedy says as she follows him over to the elevator. "Although, I think Nick being annoyed at you is going to last a while." She steps into the elevator, turning back to give him a little wave. "Good night, Aaron," she adds just before the doors close behind her.
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