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[KENNEDY] Stupid Charming Man. -.-

It isn't fair that I can't stay mad at him. But still... still grossed out when I think about it. I hope that goes away when he gets back to his senses. If he gets back to his senses. If not... Nah, let's not go there just yet.

You paged Kenny with 'Also, she'll likely get a text in the middle of the night.'.

Long distance to Kenny: Nicholas | I love you. It's ok if you don't want to talk to me, i understand, but i want to tell you anyways. Sorry if I woke you xoxo.

Kenny pages: It'll be a long wait before she texts back: love you, too. don't want to talk. wasn't asleep, so don't worry.

You paged Kenny with 'Not too long of a wait later: ok, hopefully will feel less crazy tomorrow. talk then :) goodnight, sweet dreams.'.

Kenny pages: Then, right after: thanks. also, no one here's going to know but me. told rommy, but covering for you here. and don't text me back, it's hard not to reply when you do.

You paged Kenny with 'ok.'.

You paged Kenny with 'wait, shit. sorry. ignore that.'.

From afar, Kenny | NICK

You paged Kenny with 'sorry!!'.

You paged Kenny with 'GAH'.

From afar, Kenny | put the phone down, fool!

You paged Kenny with 'you first :('.

From afar, Kenny | .../you/ first.

You paged Kenny with 'your face first!'.

From afar, Kenny | your mom first!

You paged Kenny with 'your mom's face first!!'.

From afar, Kenny | oh yeah? well... your... you suck.

You paged Kenny with 'i win :P goodnight kenny, i love you.'.

From afar, Kenny | yeah yeah. the battle, not the war. goodnight love. come home soon.

You paged Kenny with 'i'll definitely try >.<'.

From afar, Kenny | NICK! Phone. Down. Not wanting to talk, remember?

From afar, Kenny | it's hard to remember i'm mad at you when you sound sad over text.

You paged Kenny with 'i'm not sad, i'm having an excellent time. everything is sunshine and roses. please continue to be upset. :P'.

From afar, Kenny | david's letting you sleep on the bed, isn't he? pinch his ass for me.

You paged Kenny with 'he offered, i declined.'.

From afar, Kenny | david declined an ass pinch? i'm shocked and amazed.

You paged Kenny with 'harharhar.'.

You paged Kenny with 'oh right no more talking. i will put it down now. ....maybe.'.

From afar, Kenny | you are very difficult.

You paged Kenny with 'you said yes ;)'.

From afar, Kenny | that i did. when i was young and foolish.

You paged Kenny with '...:( you don't mean that right?'.

From afar, Kenny | no, baby. i would say yes again /even now/, believe it or not.

You paged Kenny with 'wow, you crazy <3'.

From afar, Kenny | might still be young and foolish. ;)

You paged Kenny with 'married to a fool (the biggest fool) so hopefully very foolish.'.

From afar, Kenny | you know, natasha asked me if you were gay.

You paged Kenny with 'why does everyone think i'm gay?!'.

From afar, Kenny | maybe if you let less boys nibble on you.

From afar, Kenny | is it too early to joke about this?

You paged Kenny with '(short pause...) never too early to joke.'.

From afar, Kenny | it was too early to joke, wasn't it? sorry, baby. you get me mad or you get me mocking at this juncture.

You paged Kenny with 'hehe, no i just don't have a good comeback yet... still too confused. mocking is better than mad :) please mock.'.

From afar, Kenny | o/`nick kissed a boy and he liked it

You paged Kenny with '>.< i am not gay!!'.

You paged Kenny with 'well... /you/ kissed a boy and /you/ liked it... so there.'.

From afar, Kenny | oh yeah? you'll have to prove it

From afar, Kenny | i'm allowed to!

You paged Kenny with 'muttermutter!'.

You paged Kenny with 'i'll get you next time gadget >:('.

You paged Kenny with 'futons are very uncomfortable. i hope you're happy ;P'.

From afar, Kenny | incredibly so. i feed on your suffering.

You paged Kenny with 'haha. feed. i see what you did there. ;P'.

From afar, Kenny | what? i think aaron and me can find some common ground over it.

You paged Kenny with 'i'm doomed. clearly.'.

From afar, Kenny | yep. also, i'm being pathetic and sleeping in one of your shirts.

You paged Kenny with 'i'm sleeping in my good suit >.> but i think you're cute. i miss you.'.

From afar, Kenny | well, i don't think you'd fit in my shirts. maybe you can sleep in my underwear tomorrow night. baby, i miss you, too.

You paged Kenny with 'heheheh, considering you don't wear underwear half the time i think i can oblige ;)'.

From afar, Kenny | i wear underwear!!!

You paged Kenny with 'sometimes!'.

From afar, Kenny | /most/ of the time. that's it, i'm stealing all your underwear right now.

You paged Kenny with 'what :( it's not as sexy when it's me without underwear.'.

From afar, Kenny | to you, maybe.

You paged Kenny with 'sigh >:|'.

From afar, Kenny | how about a trade. i'll wear yours and you can wear mine.

You paged Kenny with 'i dont think you want to see me wear yours >.<'.

You paged Kenny with 'and that would not help the not gay thing!!'.

From afar, Kenny | oh, i think you owe me that much.

From afar, Kenny | just be lucky i'm too nice to stick you in a bra, too.

Long distance to Kenny: Nicholas :/ yes, i owe you...

You paged Kenny with 'baby this week has sucked :( can we get a time machine please? i want to go back to our honeymoon again.'.

From afar, Kenny | can you build me one, mister grey?

You paged Kenny with 'i can try! with SCIENCE!!'.

From afar, Kenny | oo, science is sexy. but, seriously, i want another honeymoon. this week has been brutal -.-

You paged Kenny with 'i will do something nice for you, i promise. :/ a lot of somethings nice.'.

From afar, Kenny | i shiver with anticipation

You paged Kenny with 'antici.................pation'.

You paged Kenny with 'do you want surprises?'.

From afar, Kenny | only if they're good surprises

You paged Kenny with 'i will give you good surprises then :)'.

From afar, Kenny | ones that don't involve vampires in any way, right?

You paged Kenny with 'right >.<'.

From afar, Kenny | you are so much trouble, you know that, don't you?

You paged Kenny with 'yes -.-'.

You paged Kenny with 'rommy already had a talk with me, i'm sleeping on a futon on david's floor, and i feel pretty much insane so...yes i am in so much trouble.'.

From afar, Kenny | i didn't say 'in', just 'are'. it's in your nature. but you know i love you even at your most troublesome, right?

You paged Kenny with 'oh. ...lol. yeah i am trouble :P i'm glad you love me still...'.

From afar, Kenny | you're in trouble, too, don't get me wrong. ;)

You paged Kenny with 'i'm painfully aware.'.

You paged Kenny with 'how's it feel to be don? :P'.

From afar, Kenny | feels awesome. i get the big chair, i get to wear the pants, i already picked up wyatt by the shirt and slammed him into a wall. it was awesome. i'm wearing this fedora, carrying a tommy gun and calling myself 'mugsy'.

You paged Kenny with 'and i'm missing it?? damn. you make a better don than i do ;)'.

From afar, Kenny | yeah, i rule with an iron thumb. they're all crying about when you're coming back. pansies.

From afar, Kenny | tomorrow i'm thinking i'll wear all leather and carry a whip.

You paged Kenny with '...no fair with that mental image D:'.

From afar, Kenny | all's fair, babycakes.

From afar, Kenny | leather corset, maybe...

From afar, Kenny | mini skirt...

From afar, Kenny | those boots that go all the way up my leg. what d'ya think?

You paged Kenny with 'yeah yeah. :P all's fair in love and war, i getcha. // ... i think yes. :9'.

From afar, Kenny | i think it'll be a real motivator for the boys!

You paged Kenny with 'i think even urick will be moved to action.'.

From afar, Kenny | yep. it's good to be the king.

You paged Kenny with '...urick won't find out, right?'.

From afar, Kenny | no, baby. no one else is going to. I'm telling people you're still healing up and i'm relaying your thoughts from you to them, if the need arises.

You paged Kenny with 'thank you for covering :( thank you thank you. if urick finds out i'm a very very dead man.'.

You paged Kenny with 'if i'm not already...'.

From afar, Kenny | i wouldn't let that happen, baby.

From afar, Kenny | i don't think you're dead just yet, nick.

You paged Kenny with 'what's wrong with me? :('.

You paged Kenny with 'no...you didn't want to talk about it, sorry >.< preoccupied...'.

From afar, Kenny | i don't know, baby. and don't worry, i'm preoccupied, too.

You paged Kenny with 'i think i should try to sleep more, maybe...'.

You paged Kenny with 'i miss you'.

From afar, Kenny | i miss you, too. having a hard time sleeping here without you. and then i remember why you're not here and i get upset again. -.- why can't things just... go smooth? or at least smoother.

You paged Kenny with 'because i'm me, apparently -.- well...hopefully tomorrow everything will be better. sorry for killing the conversation :('.

You paged Kenny with 'p.s. you can be as upset with me as you want for as long as you need... i understand'.

From afar, Kenny | you are trouble, mister grey. we'll see how things are tomorrow. I just... couldn't handle that. can't handle that. and i'll fix it, if it keeps on. because... it just isn't right. and i love you. and i don't want to be second place. and... you still love me, right? i know you've been saying so, but you do, right?

You paged Kenny with 'i know... i'm trying to figure out how to handle it too. it is very confusing having my head be telling me how wrong i am and my feelings saying the opposite, for something this ... *wrong*. i feel like i'm tainted again... :/ but of course i love you and you will never be second place. Ever. always first.'.

From afar, Kenny | if you're tainted again, just remember how bad I kicked your ass last time. it should shame the taint into going away. and i'm... going to- i just love you so damn much, nick. i don't want to lose you.

You paged Kenny with 'i will remind myself that in case there is taint hiding ;) and i love you too, kennedy. you'll never get rid of me though, i'm stuck.'.

From afar, Kenny | okay. might need a little reassurance when this is over, just a warning.

You paged Kenny with 'i'm like a bad disease or something. your husband, also known as pneumonia. :P'.

You paged Kenny with 'i will reassure you as much as it takes and then some <3'.

From afar, Kenny | o/` your love is like bad medicine, bad medicine is what i need

You paged Kenny with 'heehee. you're wonderful. thank you for talking to me <3'.

From afar, Kenny | i'm spoiling you. i'd be a terrible mother. you're grounded, but i'm sneaking you cookies.

You paged Kenny with 'but i /like/ cookies... :)'.

From afar, Kenny | i know you do.

You paged Kenny with 'anyways...i should sleep. things will be clearer in the morning, i hope. try not to think of too many ways to hate me by morning. i love you, kenny.'.

From afar, Kenny | no doubt i will have several creative punishments dreamt up by then. maybe i'll let you draw them out of a hat. i love you, too, nick. just... keep that in mind, okay? i love you.

You paged Kenny with 'heheh, wheel of misfortune? lol. anyways...you keep it in mind too. i love you. thank you for sticking by me. goodnight, lover. xoxo'.

From afar, Kenny | always, clyde. goodnight my love. <3

You paged Kenny with 'you made me smile <3 night'.

From afar, Kenny | put the phone down, nick. XD
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