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[KENNEDY] Isn't This Supposed To Be The Honeymoon Period?

Somebody better let me kick that mother fucking undead zombie piece of shit meatsack's ass. Grrr.

Grey Incorporated - Living Quarters
This floor of the building is wide and sparse, with several rooms walled off into separate studio apartments. There's a shared kitchenette and two bathrooms, and a nice lounge area at one end, while at the other is a large gym, in a separate room. All the windows are tinted, and give plenty of sunlight without granting a view in from outside. The whole area gives off the impression of spartan wealth, with green polished concrete floors and standard white walls, with fairly nice appliances.
There's an elevator that leads to the lower floors, situated on the wall beside the living quarters. Next to the gym is a door marked 'Roof' that tends to be locked.

It's probably twenty minutes after that last text when the door opens and Nicholas is there, looking stunned and dazed for probably the millionth time that week. He has a hand on his neck, and he's not quite moving out of the elevator yet.

Kennedy doesn't react right away, but when he doesn't come out, she comes over toward the elevator to lean her head in. "Baby?" Her hand moves to hold the door open. "You don't look so good."

"I..." The pale Adren looks, above all, confused. He knits his brow and pulls his hand away to look at it, revealing the bitemarks on his neck. Yep, confused is definitely the mood of the evening.

"What the /fuck/?" Kennedy asks, startled and above all /alarmed/. "What the fuck happened?!" She reaches for his arm, pulling him closer and out of the elevator as she leans in to get a closer look at that bite. "Tell me that isn't what I think that is."

"It's...it's fine," Nicholas stammers out. He stumbles after her, but kind of shies away at letting her see it. Just a little. His hand goes back to it, rubbing it slightly. Is he blushing? Must be the light.

"Nick. I am not playing around. What the /fuck/ /happened/?" Kennedy seems all the more upset for his trying to cover it up again. She even takes a hold of his wrist to pull it away again.

"I...I d-don't know," Nicholas stammers, and she's able to pull his wrist away. "H-he was being so nice. I thought--I don't know what I thought." He puts a hand to his head, trying to clear it.

Kennedy just stares at him for a /long/ moment. A long, /long/ moment. "He was being /nice/? The /hell/ does that mean, Nick?"

Nicholas suddenly throws up his hands. "I don't /know/!" he says in exasperation. "I...I don't know! I'm...it..." Words fail him, apparently. "He...he's not so bad a guy," he mumbles weakly.

"NICK," Kennedy says, taking him by the shoulder to shake him. "We're talking about the guy you haven't wanted me within five miles of and suddenly he's not a bad guy? What. The hell. /Happened/ over there!"

Nicholas cringes slightly at the shake. "I...we talked! I asked him, and...and he agreed, and he was quite... quite nice about it, and I...I don't know! The meeting was going to end, but..." He tries to pull her hands off, one hand clasping back to the wound. "I don't know...he was..." Was...?

"This would be a good time to learn how to /finish a sentence/, Nick!" Kennedy lets him pull her hands off, turning to stomp a few steps away with her hand over her face before she turns back to look at him. "Why aren't you pissed off about this?"

Nicholas watches her storm away, and doesn't seem about to answer much, until that last bit. It takes a moment of working up, but he finally bursts out with, "Because I let him! I...I don't know what happened! And I'm really /fucking/ confused because I know it was bad! But I don't /feel/ like it was! And I don't know what to think, and he's really /not/ so bad a guy, and..." He trails off miserably. "I can't be upset about it."

Kennedy stops her pacing right there and stares at him again. "You... you..." Uh oh, now who can't finish a sentence? "You /let/ him!" And that was a yell right there. "You let a vampi-no. You let the fucking Vampire /Prince/ of the city bite you? You /let/!" She looks downright disgusted for that brief moment before she turns away again.

"Yeah," Nicholas croaks. "I did." He keeps rubbing that bite, looking confused and distant. He doesn't seem inclined to take up any self-righteous stance at the moment, nor like he even thinks she shouldn't be angry.

"What-" Kennedy starts, but then stops and brings her hand up to her face. "God, I can't even /look/ at you right now," she says, and this one sounds a bit more like she's on the verge of crying. True to her words, she doesn't look at him, she just walks over to the kitchen counter to brace herself against.

"I'm...sorry," Nicholas mumbles, letting his hand finally drop. "I think I need...I'm going to go up and...think. I don't know what happened." He takes a step back, towards the stairs to the roof, but not much more than that, in case that's not in the cards.

"Don't even move, Nick. I don't know what the fuck is going on with you right now, but whatever it is, don't take it up to that roof. And you're not taking it into bed with me. Or any bed, for that matter." Kennedy turns her head to the side, looking vaguely in his direction, but definitely not /at/ him. "Go to David's. Stay there until this... Until you're normal again. And if you aren't, then he can let me know. The last thing we need is everyone who lives here knowing what the fuck went on over there."

"I...okay," Nicholas mumbles, pulling out his phone. He closes his eyes and rubs a hand over his face. "I love you." He leans down and grabs his scarf, wrapping it around his neck, not really looking up at her either.

"Yeah. Me too," Kennedy says, turning her face back to face the kitchen wall as she pulls out her own phone. "I'll let David know you're on your way." And she seems to be doing so via text message.

You paged David with 'David gets a text message! From Kennedy! It reads: Nick needs babysitting. Hope you aren't busy.'.
Long distance to David: Kennedy | Oh, and don't let him sleep on a bed. No beds.
From afar, David | Oh dear. What did he do?
From afar, David | I'll roll out the woven mat.
Long distance to David: Kennedy | I don't even want to talk about it. Ask /him/.

"Thanks." Nicholas edges out to the stairs instead, to go downwards. Somehow waiting in one spot is just not going to cut it tonight, so, walking it is. And down he goes, disappearing into the night.

From afar, David | Sleep well, Kennedy. Dream of many defenstrations.
Long distance to David: Kennedy | Thanks for keeping an eye on him.
From afar, David | How could I say no to a chest like yours?

After a few exchanged via text, Kennedy nods to Nick's thanks, but doesn't seem able to say anything as he makes his exit. And where does she go at a time like this? Why, it's over to the gym to kick the crap out of one of the punching bags.

Long distance to David: Kennedy | I'm sure you could find a way, given the right circumstances. Good night, David.
From afar, David | I'll start practicing. I will need a lot of face-to-tit time, so I hope you're willing to help.
From afar, David | Good night, Kennedy.


You paged Rommy with 'Ringring!'.

From afar, Rommy picks up on the third or so ring, sounding rather gruff as is per normal over the phone. Stupid small buttons. "Hello?"

Long distance to Rommy: Kennedy's on the other end and sounding a little like she can't decide if she's about to cry or yell at the moment, "Rommy. Hi. Sorry to... wake you up. I have a question. Well, it's less of a question and more of an information dump sort of thing, but it amounts to the same thing in the end, and that end is that I need to know the exact bound of this truce thing we're in."

Rommy pages: There's the distinct shuffle of switching ears, and anhappy sort of grunt. "With the Vampires? We stay out of their business and they stay out of ours. We don't attack them, and they won't attack us. Why?"

Long distance to Rommy: Kennedy | "That's very vague, Rommy," Kennedy says with a bit of a groan. "I think... what constitutes an 'attack'?"

From afar, Rommy | "Intent to harm, or something like that. Why? Has something happened?"

Long distance to Rommy: Kennedy chuckles a little on the other end, but it doesn't actually sound all that amused. "Yeah, I think so. How safe is it to talk over the phone?"

From afar, Rommy | "Safe enough..." Rommy returns with a subious wariness. Somewhat reminiscent of a dormant volcano.

Long distance to Rommy: Kennedy | "I think the prince /did something/ to Nick. He's not... acting right. I send him to stay with David. Didn't know if it was a good idea to leave him around here, you know?"

From afar, Rommy | There's a long pause. And then finally, a growled, "... What did he /do/, Kennedy."

Long distance to Rommy: Kennedy | "Okay, just... don't get mad at Nick, okay? Because I know this isn't him being normal. But he said... he said... well, at first he said he didn't think Aaron was such a bad guy and that he was being so nice and that he knew it was bad, but it didn't /feel/ bad. And... Damnit. Rommy," Kennedy even sounds a little shaken there, "He fed off him. Now, can I go kick him in the balls or what?"

From afar, Rommy | The next few sounds are rather interesting. First the phone almost sounds like it's being crushed, and then there's the familiar and static 'thud' of being dropped. ~WHAT!?~ comes a throaty, distant roar. The phone doesn't have to be in his hand to pick it up.

Long distance to Rommy: Kennedy | "Rommy? Oh, jesus... Hey Rommy, I can't... understand you when you get like that..." Kennedy groans from the other end. "Rommy?"

From afar, Rommy | It takes a moment for the commotion on the other end of the line to settle down. But finally, with bubbling Rage: "Thank you for telling me Kennedy. I Have Someone To Go See."

Long distance to Rommy: Kennedy | "If it's Aaron, kick him in the balls for me! If it's Nick... leave him in once piece, please?" Kennedy lets out a sigh before she adds, "I'm sorry, Rommy." But that seems to be the end, as she hangs up shortly thereafter.

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